QISKit lets developers conduct explorations on IBM’s Quantum Experience using a Python interface. This interface enables you to work with quantum circuits and executing multiple circuits in an efficient batch of experiments. To get you started, we have provided example Jupyter Notebooks that demonstrate several standard experiments.


QISKit OPENQASM contains specifications, examples, documentation, and tools for the OPENQASM intermediate representation.


The QISKit SDK provides support for the Quantum Experience circuit generation phase and uses the QISKit API to access the Quantum Experience hardware and simulators. It includes example scripts written for Jupyter Notebooks.


The lightweight QISKit API is a thin Python wrapper around the Quantum Experience HTTP API that enables you to connect and execute OPENQASM code.


Tosca is a lightweight preprocessor that increases a developer’s productivity when dealing with syntax-driven, source-to-source transformation.

Universal Data Store Manager

The Universal Data Store Manager gives Java applications a wide range of storage options and capabilities to monitor the performance of data stores.

Swift Storlets

Swift Storlet is an extension of OpenStack Swift. The code runs close to where the data is stored, minimizing the costs of data transfer when operating in the cloud. Storlets are typically used to transform the data, filter the data, or analyze the data, all within the object store.

Data Store Client Library

Data Store Client Library provides a common caching interface for applications to use for managing a cache. The library also provides multiple implementations of the cache interface, encryption, and compression.

Contextual Sync

The Contextual Sync project is an open source, real-time, continuous data sync service for web, IoT, and mobile.


Stocator is a connector for object stores. It has a Swift driver to integrate with Bluemix, SoftLayer, or any other OpenStack Swift API-based object store.

Project Panama Layout Prototype

The Project Panama Layout Prototype is an OpenJDK project that enables Java applications to use native libraries and native data more efficiently.

Gaian Database

The idea of databases has undergone a complete transformation — one in which rigid textual and numeric data constructs now integrate with information that is less predictably structured: voices, television broadcasts, satellite images, emails, faces, fashion, tweets, graphs, slang, graffiti, music, and so on. In short, data is now just about anything that can be rendered and stored digitally. This data might be stored anywhere, in any number of formats, and protected by various security protocols.


The iostash project is our effort to speed applications by caching data that is read from host-attached magnetic disks (HDDs) or network-attached storage (SAN volumes) on solid state drives (SSDs) that are directly attached to the server.


PerfHarness is a flexible and modular Java package for performance testing of HTTP, SOAP, JMS, MQ and TCP/IP transports.

Apache Toree

Apache Toree acts as a gateway between an application and a Spark cluster.

Swift High Latency Media

The Swift High Latency Media project seeks to create a high-latency storage back end that makes it easier for users to perform bulk operations of data tiering within a Swift data ring.

Direct Storage and Networking Interface (DiSNI)

The Direct Storage and Networking Interface (DiSNI) project is a Java framework and API for direct storage and network access from a user space.

CE Store

CE Store is an environment for building rich semantic models in an agile way, providing powerful semantic knowledge-based environments without complexity.


An open community for OpenPower hardware enablement and features built on a reference host OS and Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) for Power.

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix – Swift3 Server SDK

The IBM Object Storage for Bluemix: Swift3 Server SDK is a server-side Swift SDK for Bluemix Object Storage Service.

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix – Node.js Server SDK

The Object Storage Node.js Server SDK provides functionality for Node.js server applications to use IBM Object Storage for Bluemix to easily store or back up files for your applications

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix – iOS Swift SDK

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix: iOS Swift SDK lets you use IBM Object Storage to easily store or back up files for your iOS Swift applications.

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix – Java Server SDK

The Java Server SDK project shows you how to create REST endpoints to save and update files in IBM Object Storage, retrieve them, & delete them.

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix: Android SDK

The Object Storage Android SDK provides functionality for Android applications to use IBM Object Storage for Bluemix to easily store or back up files for your applications.

Spark Multiuser Benchmark

The Spark Multiuser Benchmark evaluates resource manager performance for applications that are running multiuser and multitenant workloads.

Simple Search Service

The Simple Search Service is an app that can turn structured data into a faceted search engine API in a few clicks.

Solo5 Unikernel

WEBCAST: Watch the replay of the Solo5 Unikernel Tech Talk, recorded on August 3, 2016, and take a deeper dive into this emerging technology for packaging applications in the cloud.

Solo5 Unikernel implements a unikernel base, or the lowest layer of code inside a unikernel, which interacts with the hardware abstraction exposed by the hypervisor and forms a platform for building language runtimes and applications. Solo5 currently interfaces with the MirageOS ecosystem, enabling Mirage unikernels to run on either Linux KVM/QEMU or a specialized unikernel monitor called “ukvm,” which is also available in the code repository.

z/OS connect-node module

The zosconnect-node module is a set of functions that gives developers an easy, repeatable way to access APIs and services from a back-end system, consume information about the APIs and services, and then call them.

Attention Sum Reader (AS Reader)

The Attention Sum Reader (AS Reader) project is a machine-learning model for answering questions about text passages.


DaRPC is an RPC framework and API for Java which uses RDMA to implement a tight integration between RPC message processing and network processing in a user space.

Swift Storlets

The Swift Storlet engine is an extension of OpenStack Swift. A storlet is code that runs in the object store. Swift Storlets transform data, filter data, or analyze data, all within the object store.

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix

IBM Object Storage for Bluemix provides a fully distributed storage platform that you can use to easily store or back up files for your applications.


RBFOpt is a tool for derivative-free optimization, a mathematical technique that is used for simulation-based optimization.


EclairJS provides JavaScript developers with an API to Apache Spark so they can take advantage of Spark’s scalable streaming, SQL, machine-learning, graph capabilities.

Rosie Pattern Language

Rosie Pattern Language is a supercharged alternative to regular expressions (regex), matching patterns against any input text. Rosie ships with hundreds of sample patterns for timestamps, network addresses, email addresses, CSV, JSON, and many more.


JSONata is an expression language designed to query and transform JSON data structures.

The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is becoming the de facto standard format for exchanging data between systems over the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub are just a few big names that provide REST APIs that exchange JSON payloads. JSON’s key strengths are its lightweight syntax and its simple data model, which have helped propel it to the dominant payload format in RESTful web services.

Apache Toree

Apache Toree acts as a gateway between an application and a Spark cluster.