The IBM Bluemix CLI (Command Line Interface) SDK provides the utilities and libraries for developers to create plugins that can be installed separately to the Bluemix CLI as extensions to the existing Bluemix Command Line Client.

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A command line interface (CLI) is an easy and simple way for users to interact with computer systems. Bluemix Command Line (Bluemix CLI) provides the most useful and common functionalities when user interacts with Bluemix to access and manage applications, containers, infrastructure and services. Another major usage of Bluemix CLI is for automation scripts, for example to enable DevOps pipelines for your application build, test and deployment.

Though Bluemix Command Line Client already provides the core capabilities to manage your Bluemix cloud resources, there is still a need for developers to create their own command lines and seamlessly integrate with Bluemix Command Line Client to satisfy their specific needs when interacting with Bluemix applications, services and other 3rd party systems.

With Bluemix CLI SDK, the developers can easily create their own command lines that use the plugin interface to extend Bluemix Command Line Client. The SDK has libraries and utilities that significantly simplify the command line development and make sure the plugin commands have similar look-and-feel. It also provides the context that plugin can leverage from Bluemix Command Line Client for tokens, identities, targets and global configurations/settings in order to seamlessly integrate with Bluemix Command Line Client.

Why should I contribute?

Bluemix is built on open cloud technologies. Extensibility is key to build the whole ecosystem for users, developers and service providers. Contributing to the Bluemix CLI SDK or contributing command line plugins will help enrich the command line experiences from the most popular capabilities to those niche but important features that solve very specific problems.

What technology problem will I help solve?

Bluemix Command Line Client is a key interface for users to interact with Bluemix Cloud and enable automations when building and deploying applications and solutions for Bluemix. Bluemix CLI SDK enables fast development of command line extensions with consistent experience.

How will Buemix CLI SDK help my business?

Bluemix CLI SDK simplifies the development of command line extensions for Bluemix. It helps address your specific business needs when you manage Bluemix Cloud resources or build automation solutions when you build, deploy and manage your applications and services on Bluemix. It also helps the promotion of the command lines in the Bluemix developer community for a better access of Bluemix Cloud.

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