Agentless System Crawler

One of the biggest challenges facing cloud developers today is how to keep track of all the logging, monitoring, and analytics data that the agents we build to collect, forward, or otherwise provide this data to us in times of need.

Agentless System Crawler offers a native and seamless framework for operational visibility and analytics. It makes use of virtualization and containerization abstractions together with introspection techniques to provide complete visibility into running entities in the cloud without modifying, instrumenting, or accessing the end user context.

Cloud users can simply register for this service, without needing to worry about how the monitoring is done. Cloud operators can leverage this framework to provide deeper operational insights without intervening with the user environment. A new set of cloud operational analytics as a service are enabled that are always on and always available with a push of a button.

So far, we’ve proven this technology works, and works well, for a handful of combinations of runtimes and formats, and our goal is to grow this technology into a broadly-supported unified cloud monitoring solution that is developed and used by the cloud development community.

Why should I contribute?

Our cloud world is diverse and that is how we like it. We started this project by picking the combinations of virtualization frameworks, distributions, storage models, data services, and formats that we have found our users and ourselves using frequently. As a contributor, you will have the say on the right priorities that will enable Agentless System Crawler to support your platforms. Help us make Agentless System Crawler work on your favorite virtualization or containers platform. If you find that crawled features are lacking in critical data that make your analytics tick, help us close the gap.

What technology problem will I help solve?

You will help develop novel and highly-efficient virtualization and container introspection techniques to seamlessly monitor a variety of cloud instances. You will be one of the designers of an out-of-band, secure, always-on, and unified cloud monitoring framework.

How will Agentless System Crawler help my business?

Agentless System Crawler will enable you to focus on your operational insights and analytics, instead of wasting your resources on data collection and maintenance. They will give you a more reliable, available, and secure framework for operational visibility in the cloud environment. The always-on monitoring capabilities will dramatically improve your time to resolution when dealing with performance, security, and availability issues.