IBM open source graduated to Apache Edgent

NOTE: Apache Edgent, previously known as Apache Quarks, is now an Apache Incubator project. Congratulations to the Apache Edgent team on this important milestone! For details, see the Apache Edgent incubator home page.

WEBCAST: View the replay of the Apache Edgent Tech Talk presented by IBM Software Architect Dan Debrunner. Recorded June 8, 2016.

Data is the world’s new natural resource, and enterprises are struggling to keep pace as IoT generates exabytes of data everyday. Programmable computing thrives in prescribed, predictable scenarios but is struggling to keep up with the complex, chaotic IoT landscape. IoT needs cognitive computing so developers and analysts can learn from virtually every interaction and the surrounding context.

Apache Edgent provides the ability to analyze IoT data at the edge. Apache Edgent is a lightweight embedded streaming analytics runtime that analyze events locally, on the edge of your system, sending only relevant events downstream. This reduce communication costs as it injects intelligence even in data propagation. Apache Edgent is the combination of capabilities of Watson and Streams to unlock new insights at the edge.

Why should I contribute?

Apache Edgent brings analytics to the edge of the network. The Apache Edgent programming SDK, resulting from 12 years’ experience with IBM Streams technology, gives you access to a lightweight and embeddable runtime.

You will contribute to an ever-expanding area of technology, and take advantage of the convergence between data analytics and IoT. You will help complete the use cases by incorporating the technology into your applications and by solving problems in a wide range of domains.

You will gain critical experience and understanding of analytics programming and process through problem reporting, bug fixes, code commits, or simply using the technology.

What technology problem will I help solve?

IoT data streams are not easily accessible, and data engineers struggle to find access points. Engineers need to integrate these streams with data at rest, and then curate them and make them available to key stakeholders. Data developers who need to access these streams through APIs will benefit, as well as anyone who needs to deploy machine learning applications, perform spatial temporal analyses, and other advanced deep analytics on streams of IoT data. You will help commoditize the technology by building cognitive apps in familiar programming languages like Java and Python.

How will Apache Edgent help my business?

Your business is concerned with the profitability of your solutions. It’s expensive to transmit reams of data for centralized analysis. Current tooling for processing IoT data is inadequate, and developers working on IoT are don’t have the tools to get the job done. Don’t waste time on programming chores, time that could be put to more productive use. Apache Edgent is an open source tool — it will be used and improved, adding functions wherever needed. As cognitive computing becomes the new normal, Apache Edgent will be at the forefront as a must-have development tool.