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Application Metrics for Swift

These days, even the most innovative and groundbreaking applications risk failure if they do not provide an engaging and responsive user experience. This can be difficult to achieve, however, often requiring a well performing application deployed on an infrastructure that scales to user demand and provides high availability and failover capability.

Performance and scalability both require access to real-time performance data that lets developers optimize code, allows the infrastructure to scale automatically, enables operations teams to identify issues, and gives business owners insights into the success of the application.

Thanks in part to an architecture that is already optimized for throughput and scalability, the Swift@IBM runtime environment is an ideal place for a developer to start. But that said, no developer can afford to ignore potential bottlenecks.

Application Metrics for Swift provides metrics visualisations, designed to help developers understand what their application is doing under the covers and identify potential issues. The same data and metrics are also exposed in Swift and C APIs, which makes data collection available to developer tools, management and scaling utilities, and other performance monitoring tools.

Why should I contribute?

To analyze and view the behavior and activity of an application, you must be able to identify and measure the component parts of the application and how these parts interact. With the rich ecosystem of diverse components and packages that are available to Swift applications, Application Metrics for Swift lets you ensure that visibility and insight are possible for everything from the most popular packages to those niche but important packages that solve very specific problems.

What technology problem will I help solve?

Application Metrics for Swift is about high quality, low overhead data and metrics. The level of application visibility these metrics provides is key to enabling a wide range of capabilities, from providing business owners with analytics of a user’s interactions with a production application to providing developers with profiling data for their code during development. Application Metrics for Swift enables all of that to happen by providing that data, and making it available by using simple APIs, which allows integration with those higher level capabilities.

How will Application Metrics for Swift help my business?

Application Metrics for Swift lets you optimize the user experience, so you can make your apps great and keep your customers happy. On the line-of-business side, it lets you understand your applications and how your customers interact with them. On the technical side, it lets developers and operations teams write and deploy high performing, scalable code.