Appsody makes creating cloud native applications simple. It provides application stacks for open source runtimes and frameworks, which are pre-configured with cloud native capabilities for Kubernetes and Knative deployments. These can be customised through a central hub, allowing architects and teams to infuse their experience and best practices into the foundation for developers who can then build, run, test, debug, and deploy their applications through the intuitive Appsody command line interface (CLI).

Appsody gives you access to:

  • Configurable technology stacks. Our stacks are built with popular runtimes and frameworks and act as a foundation for you to build applications which you can then deploy and manage on Kubernetes.
  • Central point of configuration for all your Appsody stacks. Discover and modify available stacks, or create entirely new ones. As Stacks are the foundation for your applications, changes here can be rolled out simply by rebuilding the applications.
  • Intuitive and powerful CLI. Our CLI lets you discover available stacks, bring them into your local IDE and build, run, test, or deploy them locally. You can integrate the Docker container which is built for your application with Tekton pipelines and deploy them to Kubernetes environments.

What problems does Appsody solve?

Appsody makes it simpler to create applications which are not just cloud packaged, but cloud native and leverage the power of the platform. It reduces the learning curve for new developers and allows teams and architects to embed their expertise and best practices into application stacks.

Contributing to the project

We’re working on building a comprehensive set of application stacks that developers can use and customize for their environments. If you want to see your framework available as an Appsody Stack, check out our guidelines for Creating and Modifying Stacks.

We welcome all contributors to the project. Check out our contributing guidelines before jumping in and come chat to us in Slack.