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CE Store

CE Store is an environment for building rich semantic models in a very agile way. It provides the powerful capabilities promised by semantic knowledge-base environments, but without the technical complexity involved in building them.

CE Store uses a human-friendly language called “Controlled English” (CE) to enable non-technical users to define their semantic models in a language that is familiar to them already. CE is an example of a Controlled Natural Language, a subset of English, that is both human-readable and directly machine parsable. It is designed for the expression of everyday knowledge, concepts, and reasoning.

As a derivative of ordinary English, CE is relatively easy for people to use, but it also has a formal unambiguous interpretation to enable machine interpretation and reasoning. CE has already been used in different projects, including modeling of complex human community relationships, assisting a user in problem solving in reasonably complex tasks, guiding Natural Language processing, and rapidly developing usable human-machine conversation interfaces.

CE Store is a reference implementation for the CE language, providing a highly dynamic in-memory knowledge-base implementation in Java, with a rich set of web APIs to enable easy integration into existing systems.

Why should I contribute?

There are many ways you can contribute, not just by further developing the core ce-store engine. Reference models for different domains, specialized agents to interact in different ways, different connectors to access raw data sources and cool visualizations for different kinds of data. The list is many and varied and requires many different skill sets, and over time we hope to build a rich community of these capabilities around the core ce-store component. We welcome your input!

What technology problem will I help solve?

CE Store aims to reduce the friction between human users and machine processing. We want the gap between your mental conception of a domain and the machine representation to be as small as possible. The technology in our solution is simply text in text files, but the technology problem is how to make that text the right text so everyday non-technical users can read it and write it as easily as possible.

How will CE Store help my business?

Simply put: agility. If you are already interested in semantic systems, knowledge bases, OWL ontologies, triple stores or any similar technologies, you will probably already know that this is a very technically complex field. There is a huge potential in rich semantic systems with machine-assisted reasoning, but current technology is complex and can be expensive and time-consuming to implement. CE Store and the CE language are aimed at reducing complexity in order to make these capabilities accessible to less technical, more business-focused users. This drives agility and means that you can very quickly iterate through different evolutions of your model and data with a very simple ecosystem.

Further reading

For further details on CE Store, including the Getting Started guide plus other tutorials, and the sample model, see the ce-store GitHub home page.