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Cloudant Envoy

Envoy makes it simple to create offline-first applications that continue to work even with no network connection, giving your uses 100% uptime and a great user experience.

Why should I contribute?

Contributing through new code or testing will help improve this technology and make for robust mobile applications that function equally well in connected and disconnected modes.

What technology problem does Cloudant Envoy help solve?

Envoy provides the authentication and provides a replication target for your mobile application, ensuring that all user data is stored in one database on the client side, preventing the proliferation of databases. It stores its data in either an Apache CouchDB or IBM Cloudant database.

It speaks the CouchDB HTTP replication protocol but carefully alters the keys of the documents it stores and retrieves, transparently storing each user’s documents in their own key space. The client-side code can remain largely unchanged.

How can Cloudant Envoy help my business?

The ability to work in disconnected mode is already a big productivity boost to your customers. But Envoy allows you to save deployment costs as well since it can be used with the Cloudant Sync libraries. These libraries allow native iOS or Android apps to store data on the device or the web applications using PouchDB to store data in the browser itself.

Because Envoy can be used in a variety of environments, you have one solution that runs on the phone, regardless of the device, and on the browser. Doing so allows you to efficiently write once, deploy everywhere.