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The commands-runner tool is an installable server that enables you to orchestrate commands by splitting processes into steps and running then separately. Each step of the process is a sub-process with its own state.

Each state has a descriptor file which is an array of states. Each state has a command to run, a log location, and a status which can have values READY, SKIP, RUNNING, SUCCEEDED, and FAILED. The commands-runner will run the descriptor file and mark the state as SUCCEEDED or FAILED depending on the exit code of the command. You can also extend this project with your own specific requirements.

The commands-runner maintains the state of the specific process, so if the process fails, [it] can be restarted after that the failing step. You can access the commands-runner project via the commands-runner-ui.

Get involved

We’d love for you to check out our GitHub and join us by:

  • Creating libraries of processes using the command-runner
  • Providing new ideas for the engine or creating a new version using new API technology
  • Improving the UI