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IBM open source graduated to Eclipse OpenJ9

Eclipse OpenJ9 is a high performance, scalable, Java virtual machine (JVM) implementation that represents hundreds of person-years of effort. Contributed to the Eclipse foundation by IBM, the OpenJ9 JVM underpins the IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, which is a core component of many IBM Enterprise software products. Continuing OpenJ9 development at the Eclipse foundation ensures wider collaboration, fresh innovation, and the opportunity to influence the development of OpenJ9 for the next generation of Java applications.

The OpenJ9 JVM builds with OpenJDK to create a complete Java SDK. The OpenJ9 project collaborates with OpenJDK on class libraries, which provides your applications with a consistent and stable platform on which to run. You don’t need to rewrite your applications to take advantage of Eclipse OpenJ9; you just need to use OpenJDK with Eclipse OpenJ9.

Why should I contribute to Eclipse OpenJ9?

Eclipse OpenJ9 enables rapid innovation for the JVM ecosystem, everything from platform support, better devops tools, and core runtime improvements to optimizing middleware stacks and services. When you contribute to Eclipse OpenJ9, you’ll be building, prototyping and testing solutions to solve the challenges of today and of the future.

Competition in the JVM space has fostered innovation and continuous improvement to the Java ecosystem and to JVMs themselves. Java has benefited immensely from healthy cooperation and competition as evidenced by continual performance improvements, support for well-specified new features, and platform exploitation such as for virtualized environments like Docker and the cloud.

Your contributions, whether it be code, documentation, tests or even your experience running OpenJ9, are valuable to the project, and they will help improve the runtime for your apps. Making a contribution in the form of code, documentation, tests, or even reporting your experience running your apps with OpenJ9 will be appreciated for the value it brings to the project. Your contributions have the potential to help not just your apps but an entire ecosystem of Java applications. Come work with us!

What technology problem will I help solve?

One of the wonderful things about JVMs is the incredible breadth of possible challenges to address. Your contributions will help Eclipse OpenJ9 address the scenarios you care about.

Interested in performance? Bring your favorite benchmark and modify OpenJ9 to score better on it. Interested in footprint? Help squeeze the JVM to fit in a smaller footprint. Interested in devops? Enhance OpenJ9’s diagnostic features, like the existing trace, dump, and debug tools, or add support for new ones. Care about the cloud? Work with OpenJ9 to be the best JVM for containers, continuous deployment, remote monitoring, and more. Want in on the ground floor for one of the OpenJDK projects like Valhalla, Panama, or Loom? Come prototype the features here!

If you want to hack on a production JVM, then this is the project for you.

Learn more

Visit the OpenJ9 website, where you can find the source code project and the latest build to download. We’ll continue to update the website as the project develops. Keep in touch with us by following our Twitter profile, @OpenJ9, or by joining the OpenJ9 mailing list.