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ODPi Egeria

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The amount of data that companies have access to is staggering. Unfortunately, most companies cannot harness the power of their data because their siloed platforms and tools make it impossible to share this data effectively.

ODPi Egeria is the world’s first open source metadata and governance standard. It provides open APIs, event formats, types, and integration logic so that organizations can share data management and governance across the entire enterprise without reformatting or restricting the data to a single format, platform, or vendor product.

Egeria provides a kind of metadata highway to share metadata information between disparate tools and metadata repositories. This highway across data silos makes it easier to have an aggregated view of data, to quickly identify and retrieve metadata, and it simplifies data access and sharing across data silos.

What exactly is Egeria?

Egeria is an open ecosystem that offers a set of open APIs, types, and interchange protocols that metadata repositories use to share and exchange data. Frameworks for governance, discovery and access automate how metadata is collected, managed and used across an enterprise.

Because enterprises use different products for different aspects of data management and collection, the open governance aspect of Egeria is critically important. Contributors spanning industries and companies work together to develop and evolve Egeria’s functionalities and then use those capabilities in their own solutions.

Specifically, Egeria’s platform is a Spring Boot application, written primarily in Java. It runs in Docker and Kubernetes and makes extensive use of Jupyter Notebooks.

Get involved

If open metadata governance and accessibility is important to you, we’d love for you to join us in our efforts. We need developers who are familiar with Java, Docker, Kubernetes or Jupyter Notebooks. We welcome good technical writers and other media experts to help tell the Egeria story.

To understand how to join and contribute see the Community Guide.