Open Liberty runtime

Get the Code

Open Liberty puts the essential code of the WebSphere Liberty runtime in the hands of developers as an open source project. It provides a complete implementation of Java EE 7 and the Eclipse MicroProfile project, enabling developers to get inside a proven application server. Open Liberty is one of IBM’s largest open source projects, totalling approximately 3 million lines of code. It’s easy to get started with Open Liberty by following the instructions on the project website.

We hope that developers find Open Liberty easy to use and start building new cloud-native apps and microservices with it.

Why should I contribute to Open Liberty?

Open Liberty is an outstanding runtime with which to build cloud-native apps and microservices and is even more accessible to developers as an open source project. This new open source access represents a major evolution for the Liberty server. We invite anyone who wants to make it even better to get involved and help us make the Open Liberty as success as well. To find out how to contribute, visit the contribution page on the website.

What technology problem will I help solve?

With a project this size, there are all kinds of opportunities to get involved and many technologies within Open Liberty to investigate. By working with the Open Liberty project, you’ll learn about what it takes to build a robust application server runtime capable of supporting critical business applications. It provides a great educational case study into distributed systems engineering – the topics you’ll learn depend on what your interests are. The best way to get started is to take a look!

Learn more

Visit the Open Liberty project website, where you can find the latest build to download. You can also read a series of guides to help you get started writing applications. We’ll continue to update the guides and the blog as the project develops. Keep in touch with us on Twitter at @OpenLibertyIO, or by joining our Google group.