Scaling Kubernetes workloads across clusters, environments, and cloud providers can be daunting. Razee is an open-source project that automates and manages the deployment of Kubernetes resources across those areas. This continuous delivery (CD) tool lets you easily manage diverse, global applications that are delivered in Kubernetes clusters at scale.

Specifically, Razee gives you:

  • Visualizations for your deployed resources. Create an inventory of your Kubernetes resources and set filters that alert you to troubleshoot issues in your deployment process.
  • Templates to help you scale. Use templates for your Kubernetes resources, group resources and clusters, and define rules for the groups to create a flexible configuration that’s enforced across clusters, environments, and clouds.
  • Open source. Contribute to the code and community and help us shape the development of the tool based on your experience and requirements.

What problems does Razee solve?

Knowing exactly what is deployed where and when it got there is important information that is often obscured by CD solutions that are build- or job-centric.

Most modern cloud-native applications are not limited to a simple Development -> Staging -> Production architecture. Many times, a production environment is deployed across several regions across the globe. Razee takes a pull-based approach to delivering resources to your Kubernetes clusters. This allows you to scale your applications and environments without adding additional time and complexity with a traditional push-based continuous delivery (CD) system.

If you have a failure scenario limited to a subset of your environments, quickly understanding which changes were made at the time of failure is vital to rapidly troubleshooting issues. Additionally, if we consider standard pipeline scenarios, it can be cumbersome to consistently promote changes from dev/staging environments into production.

How do you maintain the desired version levels in each of these clusters? How hard is it to integrate a new cluster into your CD pipeline? Managing discrete deployments to individual clusters becomes increasingly burdensome with scale. Razee helps you solve that problem.

Contributing to the project

Join us on our journey to make Razee a powerful continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. Help us develop robust and secure components that you can easily plug in to your continuous delivery process to manage day-to-day challenges with multi-cluster deployments, promote automation, and eliminate errors.