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z/OS connect-node module

The API economy is changing the way developers access information and how companies make it available. z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition (EE) provides a way for systems of record-based applications and data to be exposed as delightful REST APIs which can then be used by applications.

Developers want an easy, repeatable way to access APIs and services from a back-end system, reducing the amount of boilerplate code that they have to write. The zosconnect-node module is an easily consumed set of functions that allow developers to retrieve a list of APIs and services, get information about the APIs and services, and then invoke those APIs and services.

Why should I contribute?

Having easy access to data from a variety of sources makes creating new applications more straightforward and allows for you to gain new insights into the applications and data.

By creating a framework for accessing these services and APIs when served via z/OS Connect EE, you can help power the next generation of applications.

What technology problem will I help solve?

Writing new code for when you want to access APIs and services from a back-end system, like z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition, can be a time-consuming process.

Contributing to the zosconnect-node module project creates a framework that you and other developers can use to gain better, faster access to the APIs and services that you need to do your job.

How will zosconnect-node module help my business?

If your company uses z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition (EE) to expose systems of record-based applications and data as delightful REST APIs, then the zosconnect-node module project will help your business tremendously.

As the zosconnect-node module framework is developed and tested, it will help you quickly and easily retrieve the list of APIs and services you need. So you can spend less time writing boilerplate code and more time on innovation.