Recorded: April 26, 2017

This video shows a demonstration of how to use Node-RED, IBM Bluemix and Watson Conversation service to quickly create applications that utilize data from NASA in preparation for the NASA SpaceApp Challenge. On April 29-30, the NASA SpaceApp Challenge will take place in many locations world-wide. In Saudi Arabia, the event will be run on April 28-29 because of the difference in the weekend. On April 28, Bootcamps will be livestreamed from NYC, NY and Palo Alto California, to prepare participants (some of the past speakers are outstanding). It is possible to participate virtually. The stories from prior instances of the challenge are exhilarating.- e.g., 2016. NASA has identified 5 challenge categories for 2017 : 1. The Earth and Us, 2. Planetary Blues, 3. Warning! Danger Ahead!, 4. Our Ecological Neighborhood, 5. Ideate and Create! Go to the developerWorks event page for more information.

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