Silicon Valley Cloud Foundry Meetup Group`s¬†¬†kickoff event for 2015 on Feb 11th brought the world’s best IaaS to the world’s best PaaS. In this joint Meetup with Silicon Valley Open Stack Meetup group,¬†Joshua Mckenty from Pivotal , Sachin Ashtikar from Intel , and myself¬†from¬†IBM¬†shared our collective experiences of running CloudFoundry on OpenStack. The talk focussed¬†on how CloudFoundry and OpenStack complement each other, how we automated and scaled this combination, and some real world customer scenarios.

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Right from the announcement, the event had elicited¬†great¬†response, with total RSVPs exceeding 300¬†and attendance crossing 100¬†on the meetup day. This was a great follow on from our wrap-up event at the end of last year, details of which can be found here.¬† This wasn’t surprising, considering OpenStack and Cloud Foundry sit at the very top of the list of open source cloud technologies, according to recent research.


The awesome attendance at the event underlined how the open source community around Cloud Foundry and OpenStack has grown. And for sure the audience found the visit worth it.  While Sachin Ashtikar gave an earnest and deep account of Intel`s journey towards Cloud Foundry, Joshua Mckenty was at his entertaining best, keeping the audience engaged right till the end. His not so subtle references at the hype around the container technology were both witty and introspective.  I capped the event by delivering a talk about IBM`s experience of automating deployment and lifecycle management of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack.

The event would not have been possible without the help from community. Patricia Dugan from Azul Systems did a great job with sponsoring food and drinks, and Ferran Rodenas , Ali Baker from Pivotal helped arrange the logistics. Jim Busche and Joanne Muszynski from IBM were great helping hands at the venue. And last but not the least, everyone who turned up to make this a really successful meetup.

Some comments we received

“Enjoyed all three presentations; Josh is very engaging, even late at night and with beer”
“That was an incredible meetup! Thanks to Animesh of IBM Cloud and the Pivotal team for making it fun and informative!”
“Great meetup!!! Looking forward to slides and video :-)”
“Thanks for coming with such a great crowd of people. It was one of the biggest and best events we have had in our space this year”

Please follow the event through some tweets. Slides are posted at the end. Waiting for video recording, will post them here as well.






Thanks again everyone. See you at the next meetup!

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