After a long and¬†unusually¬†cold winter in my part of the world, it’s almost spring. ¬†That means new growth and optimism for what lies ahead,¬†whether we’re talking about the seasons or open technologies. In particular, I’m excited about three upcoming conferences that will showcase expanding¬†communities and maturing¬†open source projects.

Cloud Foundry Summit - May 11-12OpenStack Summit Vancouver - May 18-22DockerCon - June 22-23

Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and Docker will each host¬†major conventions¬†in¬†North America over¬†the next few months. My team will be at all three events, and¬†–¬†depending on session selection¬†–¬†presenting some of the exciting open technology we’ve been working on during the cold winter months. Please¬†consider attending or, or better yet, submitting a presentation proposal on your own organization’s use of open technology.

The OpenStack call for papers has closed, but you¬†are now¬†able to vote for the sessions you’d like to see on the final schedule. There’s still time to get your talks submitted to the Cloud Foundry Summit¬†(the call for papers opens February 18) and DockerCon (the call for papers ends March 16). ¬†Here are a few great tips to prepare an open technology topic for conferences like these:

Registration will open for all three conferences soon, so start planning your trip now. There’s no better chance¬†to learn about the latest updates from these three communities, hone¬†your technical¬†skillset, build your professional network, and gain fresh inspiration for your projects to carry you through the rest of 2015.

We hope to see you there, but don’t fret if you can’t make it to a conference this time around. Consider attending an upcoming Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, or Docker meetup near you¬†to keep tabs on the most recent growth and tremendous optimism emerging from these three open technologies.

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