Once again it’s been an exciting couple of weeks for Open Cloud Technology. In fact Open Cloud Tech momentum has been so hot lately that you dare not step away from your social media feeds or you will miss out on some of the most exciting news in technology that speeds innovation for Cloud adopters.

If you did happen to step away anytime the past 2 weeks to 2 years, perhaps a primer is in order. I’ll go back to several years ago when I had the great fortune to be part of the IBM team working with OpenStack and other sponsor companies to establish the OpenStack Foundation, Infrastructure as a Service software for the people. Together we had a simple formula which was to bring together sponsor companies, collectively come to agreement on truly open governance and appoint an executive director as well as a governing board of directors to lead an independent foundation. I love the idea of this formula which supports building an ecosystem of like-minded companies and independent developers to collaboratively build open source software for the greater good. Peace, love and open source is what I like to say.


Fast forward to today; OpenStack is absolutely thriving as an independent Foundation as they prepare for their next very popular OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. I’m not kidding when I say popular. We’re talking about an event where sponsorships are sold out within minutes and attendance is capped because the venues are simply not big enough to hold the throngs of OpenStack fans.


So here we go, déjà vu all over again as Cloud Foundry keeps pace with this open Foundation formula in the past couple of months. We were so excited to be a founding and Platinum sponsor of the new Cloud Foundry Foundation announced in December 2014 and just last week we got to celebrate again as Cloud Foundry appointed Sam Ramji as the new CEO. Reading the social media feeds on announcement day, it was more than evident that the entire ecosystem was so happy to welcome Sam to the helm of this critically important open source project for PaaS software because of his sincere commitment to build an open and thriving ecosystem for Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service for the people. Exciting times await the Cloud Foundry Foundation and their growing ecosystem as they prepare for the first Foundation-led Cloud Foundry Summit. I don’t know about you but I’m not missing this historic event in Santa Clara from May 11-12, 2015!

Is that all you’ve got Johanna? Well no, not at all. Refill your cup of coffee and keep reading.

Last December, we also started our journey with the immensely popular Docker project when we announced a strategic partnership and we continue to move full steam ahead in support of Docker’s work towards an open governance structure. And last but not least, just last week the Node.js project announced that it will move to establish a formal open governance model for Node.js with the creation of an independent foundation. IBM is joining forces with Joyent, PayPal, Microsoft Corp, Fidelity and The Linux Foundation to establish the Node.js Foundation which will be committed to the continued growth and evolution of Node.js, while maintaining a collaborative environment to benefit all users.

You’re getting the pattern now, right? Speed of innovation is driven by open code, communities and culture and I’m proud to say that IBM is square in the middle of leading the move toward open communities for these and more open source organizations.

interconnect 2015

Want to keep up with our progress and join the fun? Great! If you’re attending IBM InterConnect, join us for the Open Technology Summit on Sunday, February 22, 2015 from 4pm to 6:30pm. Leaders of the open technology organizations I’ve detailed above will be joining us for a lightning format overview of these hot open technologies. Following the lightning talks, stick around for our networking reception to enjoy your favorite adult beverage and chat with our guest speakers. You should also join us at the dev@ keynote on Monday, February 23, 2015 from 2pm-3pm when Angel Diaz and leaders from the OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and Docker will share their thoughts on code, community and culture.

Whether or not you’re going to IBM InterConnect, we hope you continue to stop by our new “Open Tech” digs on this IBM DevCenter site where you can keep up with these hot open technologies and more. Peace, love and open source!

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