May is on the horizon, and with it starts the season of summer conferences. Two of my favorite conferences are happening next month, the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack Summits. I love them not only because they are great open source technologies, which beyond doubt they are, but also because my team has been personally invested in the joint success of these two great projects to come out of the open source community.

Over the course of the last year, we have participated and given talks around the intersection of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack at each of their conferences, which can be viewed here and here. We have also worked with community members like Pivotal, Rackspace, Intel to deliver related talks at the meetups my team runs in each of their home cities.

We have also led design workshops at the last two OpenStack Summits around BOSH which plays a major role in binding these technologies. If you are interested the blueprints they can be accessed here and here.

I am often asked during meetups these days what’s next coming from my team around the intersection of Cloud Foundry. So let me focus some light on our upcoming talks:

CFSummit Graphic

During the Cloud Foundry summit, my colleagues Daniel Krook, Manuel Silveyra and I are going to talk about how to build strong user communities and meetup groups around Cloud Foundry, and how to then ensure we can sustain, grow, and take them to next level. We will also discuss the kind of organizational changes we can introduce to ensure a culture of creating a socially relevant, open source oriented organization which has a great community presence. Again a cause where we have invested significant efforts  Рso if you are interested, and want to be a Cloud Foundry rockstar in the community, do join our session.

Other than this, there are great and exciting talks happening around core Cloud Foundry technical topics like Microservices, Diego, Docker and more.  Cloud Foundry foundation CEO Sam Ramji joined us yesterday at our Silicon Valley Cloud Foundry meetup to talk about the strides IBM and countless others are making with Cloud Foundry, and why you should join CF Summit. So go, register, and see you all there.

By the way, if you are wondering what’s next from us at the junction of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack, we are coming up with two very exciting talks at¬†OpenStack summit in Vancouver¬†– details¬†will be posted in my next blog around this topic. A very popular member of our offering portfolio,¬†Bluemix is going to play a significant role in these talks , so stay tuned!!


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