Cloud Foundry (CF) Services constitute one of the most interesting aspects of any CF installation since they enable an open marketplace of third party service providers. CF applications can provision and bind to service instances to realize richer experiences for their intended users. For example connecting to an IBM Watson analytics service to create sentiment analysis on the application data or using the plethora of open database services, e.g., MariaDB, to scale application data performance.

While the CF services architecture is powerful and useful, it had some limitations. In particular, provisioning and de-provisioning a service instance had to be done in bounded time (60s). Also, a CF service instance required a CF application to be used. Finally, CF services parameters were fixed vs being open ended JSON payloads.

Starting in 2015 a new CF Services APIs team was created to help address some of these limitations. The early outcome of this team has been to address these limitations along with various important refactoring to the code base.

Register for the CF Summit to see The Future of CF Services talk and hear David Sabeti (CF Services APIs team lead), Shannon Coen (CF Services APIs project manager), and myself: Michael Maximilien (aka dr.max) (CF Services APIs engineer) discuss the aforementioned improvements along with a brief recap of the CF Services architecture and how it has evolved over the past few years.

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