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One of the most compelling aspects of open technology development is the concept of a growing ecosystem of developers to drive rapid technology innovation – by and for the whole community. Developers helping developers means that the open code base grows at accelerated pace to the benefit of all adopters. The Cloud Foundry Foundation has a uniquely creative program to support growth of Cloud Foundry developer skills through its Cloud Foundry’s “Dojo” program where programmers are paired in an intense 6 week program. Dojo graduates leave the program well prepared to contribute to growth of the code base, become core contributors and in turn help train newer developers.

At IBM, we love this concept so much that we’re pleased to announce the first IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo in RTP, NC. The IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo will be a physical place open to all developers where IBM will help accelerate skills on the Cloud Foundry Code base and mentor developers to dramatically increase the number of code committers to Cloud Foundry. Because IBM already has 12 Dojo graduates on its team as well as a dedicated team of 9 full time developers to work solely on Cloud Foundry code contributions, the team is excited to give back to the community by supporting the ever expanding community of dojo graduates.

This wasn’t the only exciting news coming out of IBM today. IBM also announced New Bluemix Services to Help Developers Create Analytics-Driven Cloud Applications as well as survey results citing IBM Cloud as the Fastest Growing Platform-as-a-Service by U.S. Developers. Check out both announcements to learn more.

At the Cloud Foundry Summit this week in Santa Clara, CA, the IBM team will be talking about these announcements and more. If flying out to California was not in your schedule this week, no problem, register at this site to watch livestream of the keynotes.

Open technology from Cloud Foundry to OpenStack and Docker is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. For everything you need to know about advancements in Open Technologies, check back to our Open Tech Dev Ctr site often!

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