Earlier today, IBM announced the acquisition of Blue Box, an OpenStack member that has built its managed private Cloud business upon the OpenStack technology. Blue Box’s private hosted & on-premise offerings give customers their choice of easy-to-use, managed cloud environments that enable dynamic workloads. Along with the straightforward private hosted & local cloud platform options offered by Blue Box, the firm brings with it a talented workforce with skills in managed cloud, DevOps & open technology. By complementing IBM’s existing cloud offerings, Blue Box allows IBM to offer comprehensive hybrid cloud, across deployment models, to its customers.

At first glance, you may think that we’re just adding a few more functions to an already significant cloud portfolio. The reality is that we are accelerating a paradigm shift of how cloud is delivered in the marketplace. No longer will consumers be content with only a “distro” cloud deployment model. An individual public or private cloud may provide the benefits of a flexible environment that allows for the dynamic control of resource & workloads, but it still falls short of cloud’s true promise: To provide deeper value & insight by making connections between raw data, real ability & the power to act. To accomplish this, there must be a way to unite disparate resources across individual cloud deployments. All clouds must work as one.

Angel Diaz and Jesse Proudman
Ready to change the future of Cloud with Jesse Proudman, founder of Blue Box.
The addition of Blue Box’s managed cloud capabilities enables IBM to offer customers hybrid cloud on their terms: public, dedicated, or local, based on OpenStack, and managed by a single, consistent management platform. This functionality, along with several recent OpenStack enhancements that extend its hybrid capabilities, identity federation & volume management, provide the building blocks to make this a reality. Under this singly-managed, hybrid cloud fabric, customers won’t have to worry about the mechanics of what resources need to come from where. Instead, they will be able to focus on what it is that needs to be built, how it is that they can innovate & differentiate themselves from competitors.

This is true cloud on all sides of this equation. Together, Blue Box & IBM will allow customers to do more with cloud – better, faster. How will you use it?

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