As announced in the Vancouver Summit, the OpenStack Foundation has created a set of requirements to ensure that the various products and services bearing the OpenStack marks achieve a high level of interoperability. This set of requirements was based on the recommendations made by the DefCore committee which was formed by OpenStack Board Resolution on November 4, 2013. The DefCore committee involves community members to drive interoperability by creating the minimum standards for common “OpenStack” platforms. Alongside with the DefCore committee, a Refstack project was also established by the OpenStack Community with contributors from IBM, Piston Cloud, Dell, Huawei, Mirantis, HP and others to develop a test suite for testing and validating those requirements.

IBM has always been a champion of interoperability and has been actively involved in both the DefCore Committee and the Refstack Project since their inception. We are fully committed to the DefCore process and actively participate in the DefCore subcommittee to drive final adoption of the definition and process for OpenStack trademark use. IBM is among the key contributors of the Refstack project with the second most code contributions, and just recently, I was elected as PTL (Project Team Lead) for the Liberty cycle.

There are three parts in the Refstack project:

Refstack Client
Refstack Client is a command line tool that runs test tools (Tempest or non-Tempest), summarizes results, and communicates with the Refstack api server. Cloud providers can use Refstack Client to run the tests themselves in a controlled and repeatable way. Refstack Client provides a one-step setup command (setup_env) which takes care of installation of all dependencies including Tempest (see refstack-client README file).

Refstack API Server
Refstack API server is a central repository for the collection of test results. Currently there is a public API server hosted at It can also be hosted locally within any organization’s infrastructure for own data validation and analysis.

Refstack UI
Refstack UI is a web interface for interacting with data collected with the API server and client. Similar to the other components, vendors can install a Refstack UI server on-premise to view their own data privately. Currently, there is a public Refstack UI server hosted at

Refstack can be used to test either the current set of DefCore required tests or the entire Tempest API test suite. Since the results data can be uploaded to anonymously, if more cloud providers can run the entire Tempest API tests (not just the required tests) and upload the test results, this would be a great way to share the capabilities of their clouds. More importantly, these results can help the DefCore Committee to discover widely used features and continue to expand the core requirement tests.

We encourage you to get involved in testing your clouds and uploading your data to to see how your results stack up to others. Remember, this is a journey that we are on together, and your data makes a difference!

DefCore Committee:
Refstack Wiki:
Refstack Summit video:

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