At IBM, we have long been on a mission to open doors for enterprises to usher in new innovation, foster interoperability and now more than ever engage developers. From the early years of Linux to today’s era where IBMers engage to establish openly governed communities such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and Node.js, driving rapid innovation for enterprise clients only makes sense. We are very proud today to announce two very important new initiatives, IBM developerWorks Open and IBM University Partnerships & Diversity Programs, to enable, empower and grow today’s cutting edge developers and collaborate to develop tomorrow’s next big innovations. You hear it all of the time in open ecosystems, the key to development success comes from the 3 C’s – code, community and culture. Today’s announcement demonstrates IBM’s abundant commitment to the core tenants of the 3 Cs and the overall success of developers.

Code & Community

dwOpenmarkAnnouncing developerWorks Open, IBM’s answer to how to find well curated open source projects from the best and brightest at IBM to be downloaded, and used with confidence by developers throughout the ecosystem. This gives developers a tremendous head start when developing innovative ideas by giving them access to open source projects built on truly open technologies. Projects hosted on developerWorks Open are built and maintained in the open and as they grow, are set up to take the leap to become the next OpenStack. This protects the developer’s investment in development time by knowing that these open technologies are “safe” and governed using best practices. On developerWorks Open, developers can expect not only to download open source projects but also to benefit from blogs, videos, tools, and techniques to accelerate their development efforts. Download the code, engage in the community, and build tomorrow’s great innovation.
In addition to the code available on developerWorks Open, IBM is also releasing a set of open source tools that have been vetted for industry deployment and that can be deployed with as little as one click in IBM’s Bluemix ™ and available in GitHub. We’re very excited that by the end of the year, developers will be able to access 50 tools and services to help accelerate development from IBM developer labs, IBM MobileFirst, IBM Cloud Data Services, and IBM Design. These industry-based tools enable and empower developers to get innovating on solutions to tackle real world problems in industries like financial services, retail and healthcare.


Supporting a culture that nurtures innovation isn’t just about supporting today’s developer but also empowering tomorrow’s developer by nurturing them into this new era of open. This is why it’s so critical that we enable and empower our next generation of developers through the new IBM Academic Initiative for Cloud as well as supporting other “culture growing” programs such as hackathons and diversity initiatives with Girls Who Code and ReBoot Accelerator for Women. With the Academic Initiative for Cloud Program, faculty and students can secure no-charge Bluemix ™ accounts and gain access to open cloud based platforms and services such as IBM Watson, Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, and more. Once you are empowered with these development resources, make sure to join in on our upcoming hackathons including AngelHack hackathons in cities around the world.

Get started today!

Getting started today with these new programs is easy. First go to the new developweWorks Open site and read the blogs, watch the videos and download the code to start developing. If you are a student, check out the IBM Academic Initiative for Cloud program to gain access to IBM’s premier cloud platform and programs. To learn more about these new initiatives in their entirety, go to our new program overview page.

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