With the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo just a little over a week away I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the sessions that will feature IBM speakers.  You will find our IBM speakers share deep knowledge of their topic areas and most all are veterans at OpenStack Summits.

By sharing a day by day schedule of our presentations, I hope to make it easier for you to find those high-quality presenters – and sessions!  I have found that this will help lead to a successful conference experience. And, if you find someone who has knowledge you are looking for, be sure to reach out to them at the session, after the session, or any other way, they are there to share!

All sessions have Videos available here (search by title):  https://www.openstack.org/summit/tokyo-2015/videos/

Tuesday, October 27th

Time Room Speaker(s) Session Title
11:15am Seigyoku Ying Chun Guo Get OpenStack to speak your language – OpenStack I18n Team introduction
12:05pm Gyoko Ao Wan • Hamdi Roumani • Carlos Cavanna • Ronen Grosman Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) Drives and Swift Object Storage
2:00pm Seigyoku Shamail Tahir Contributing as an OpenStack User
3:40pm Kyokko Jeff Borek • Megan Kostick • Daniel Krook The containers ecosystem, the OpenStack Magnum project , the Open Container Initiative, and You!
3:40pm Aoba Jesse Proudman You are not Hyperscale, and that’s okay
4:40pm Kyokko Mohammad Banikazemi • Phil Estes Connecting the Dots with Neutron: Unifying Network Virtualization Between Containers and VMs
5:30pm Gyoko Jay Bryant A Conversation with Cinder Developers
5:30pm Kougyoku Monty Taylor The Real Slim Shade

Wednesday, October 28th

Time Room Speaker(s) Session Title
12:05pm Seigyoku Jesse Proudman Distros: Let’s Not Make *That* Mistake Again
2:00pm Kyokko Ton Ngo • Mohammad Banikazemi • Baohua Yang Optimizing and extending overlay networking for containers
2:00pm Hakugyoku Cindy Lu • Thai Tran Liberty or Death: Horizon Dashboard Plugin Deep Dive
2:50pm Gyoko Shamail Tahir The Stack and Beyond: Analysis Paralysis
4:40pm Ogyoku Michael Maximilien • Xing Zhou • Hua Zhang (Edward) Lessons Learned Using BOSH and OpenStack APIs to Deploy Large Distributed Systems
5:30pm Kougyoku Brad Topol • Steve Martinelli OpenStack Federation: Past, Present, and Future

Thursday, October 29th

Time Room Speaker(s) Session Title
9:00am Ogyoku Eran Rom • Hamdi Roumani Storlets: Making Swift more Software defined than ever
9:50m Wakaba Animesh Singh • Daniel Krook • Manuel Silveyra • Paul Czarkowski Chef vs. Puppet vs Ansible vs. Salt – What’s best for deploying and managing OpenStack?
9:50am Hakugyoka Jason Hunt • Thomas Spatzier Telco Industry made agile with NFV
9:50am Kyokko Ton Ngo • Julio Ruano • Qiming Teng Exploring Magnum and Senlin integration for autoscaling containers
9:50am Expo Hall Michel Glisse • Stephane Capelle • Ludovic Hazard Extending OpenStack Heat to orchestrate security policies and network function service chains
11:50am Kougyoku Michael Perng • Elvin Tubillara • Shawn Mullen Real World DevOps Experience and Demo Delivering Secure Cloud  with OpenStack
11:50am Seigyoku Jessica Marillo Overcoming Subtle Bias – Sponsored by Women of OpenStack
1:50pm Kougyoku Salman A Baset • Philip Estes • Stefan Berger • Dimitrios Pendarakis Unraveling Docker Security: Lessons from a Production Cloud
2:40pm Seigyoku Shamail Tahir Let’s Talk Roadmaps – OpenStack Style

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