With the recent Node.js 4.X LTS releases and the Node.js 5.X stable release I wanted to give another update on the progress of enabling PPC in the community as well as give you the good news that a 4.X release is now available for the IBM SDK for Node.js.

I mentioned a few weeks back you can build Node.js 4.X on PPC (pLinux) from the community source (build-node-for-ppc-from-community-source).  Since then PPC pLinux has been added to the regression jobs run for each commit which is a great step in keeping the builds for PPC stable and the next step towards including pLinux builds as part of each release.

As examples, I ran the pLinux portion of the regression tests on the most recent 4.X release (4.2.2) as well as the master and 5.x branches.  The results are all green !


The next step is getting pLinux integrated into release jobs so that binaries are built as part of regular releases.  You can track progress in this community item 205.

We are also still working on doing the same for AIX but still have a few commits to land and need to find AIX machines to add to the community CI.

As mentioned before we are also working to repeat the process for zLinux with the first step being to get up to V8 bleeding edge and then contributing our port back to google.  In the mean time you can build for zLinux from here  and binaries are available here.

The other important piece of news is that you can now download the IBM SDK for Node.js version 4.X from here which includes builds for PPC pLinux, AIX, zLinux and other platforms like xLinux, mac, and windows.

As always if you want to learn about processors, code generation, garbage collection, operating systems, aysnc systems and building high a performance JavaScript platform come join us either by contributing to the V8 ports, joining the Node.js Foundation technical community or contributing to keep V8 within Node LTS releases current.

Contributors welcome !

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  1. […] while back I gave an update on progress on work to enable PPC support in the Node.js community (https://developer.ibm.com/opentech/2015/11/10/node-js-regression-tests-for-plinux-ibm-sdk-for-node-j…). ¬† ¬†The good news is that with the coverage for PPC LE and PPC BE in the community regression […]

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