By all accounts, the first Node Foundation led event, Node Interactive, was an incredibly successful event. I feel honored and privileged to have attended this inaugural event with some of IBM’s brightest Open Tech stars. If you didn’t make it to Portland, well at least you missed all of the rain! But you also missed some fantastic sessions and networking events. Here’s a quick tour of team IBM had to offer at the event.

Our own James Snell had the honor of presenting the opening keynote at Node Interactive and gave us a tour of recent Node Foundation accomplishments and the exciting next steps ahead. Yes, I’m biased since I work with James but you definitely want to check out the replay of his keynote as he gives a great overview of the Node Foundation.

IBM’s Jason Gartner followed James with his presentation “The world is being reinvented in Code” – making it real by showing IBM Node.js based offerings in action.

Stepping from the main stage for a minute, here’s a quick behind the scenes look at discussions at Node Interactive. IBM’s Todd Moore had a chance to sit down with The New Stack to talk about progress at the Node.js Foundation. Here’s a recording of the resulting podcast.

And now back to some of the great public presentations you missed at Node Interactive – enjoy!

Node.js for Enterprise APIs Panel Discussion with Juan Carlos Soto, StrongLoop; Joe Rice, Bank of America; Bryan Rogers, TD Bank; Shelby Sanders, GoDaddy. Learn why developers are adopting Docker in droves and why many are finding a natural affinity between Node.js and Docker. Why should you consider Dockerizing? Hear from industry experts at New Relic, Joyent, Modulus, and NearForm who use Node.js and Docker for everything from fast rapid prototyping in dev/test to running mission critical workloads in production.

Building and Engaging High Performance Teams in the Node.js Ecosystem presented by Chanda Dharap, StrongLoop Inc, an IBM Company

Internet of Cats presented by Rachel White, IBM

Home Automation with Node.js and MQTT presented by Michael Dawson, IBM

Node.js API Pitfalls; Can You Spot Them? presented by Sam Roberts, StrongLoop, an IBM Company

How to Build and Deploy Open Source Application Monitoring Solutions presented by Chris Bailey, IBM

And finally, here are some presentations available for download:
“Node.js Intl: Where are we, what’s next” by Steve Loomis.
“Offline-first apps with PouchDB” by Bradley Holt

Final shout out to our Ashley Brisco, our fearless team leader at Node Interactive. Here she is in action at the booth!
Ashley in action

Happy Holidays and see you at the next Node Interactive event!!

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