container-world-IBM Container technology has become increasingly important for microservices, devOps and driving value to enterprise clients more quickly which is why IBM is excited to be a top sponsor of the upcoming Container World 2016 event in Santa Clara, CA in February 2016. Container World is a new conference that aims to bring together the whole container and cloud ecosystem to debate important issues surrounding container adoption, in order to improve, advance and drive containers in production. This event is the first and only independent platform to bring both business & technical use cases of containers in production. I’ve been fortunate enough to serve as a member of the Advisory Board which is shaping the agenda of this first ever Container World event. Whether you are just evaluating or currently implementing container technology, you’ll want to join this innovative event to hear from the best and brightest in the industry working on container technology. Container World’s impressive line-up of speakers can be found here

One key take away you’ll have from attending this event is the extraordinary impact that open technology has had on the container technology space. Building on open technology ensures rapid innovation and adoption of this important technology. To get a jump start on the important role of open tech in containers, read more about the important announcements coming out of the Linux Foundation in December 2015 – The OCI Open Governance for Containers. For an even broader view of the importance of open tech, check out this 2015 summary blog by Chris Ferris.

If you come to the event, we hope you take time to learn more about IBM’s work in the container space, from open technology projects to our Cloud offerings adopting this technology. Here is a quick guide to help you interact with our team at the event:

Presentations & Sessions

Keynote presentation on Wednesday, Feb 17 at 11:20am featuring Angel Diaz, IBM VP Cloud Architecture & Technology
“Lag kills: From zero to production in seconds with Containers and the power of Open Technology”

While the value that flows from open source innovation has run deep for decades, the momentum of open source projects across Cloud, Mobile and Data in just the last 4 years has accelerated beyond the wildest dreams of almost everyone. Coincidence? We think not – at IBM, we have been a driving force behind open technology and understand that this world needs to be Open by design. In this talk we will provide a retrospective on the evolution of open source from the “old ways” in the early years to today’s new model of “code, community and culture” which brings together users and developers to accelerate innovation. We will focus in on Cloud, provide the latest developments with open source converters of gravity such as Open Stack, Cloud Foundry and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. We show hands-on how the power of open source combined with IBM Containers on bluemix can help you move from zero to secure.

Panel discussion on Wednesday, Feb 17 at 2:35 featuring Dan Berg, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cloud Foundation Services & DevOps
“Translating Technical Capabilities & Limitations to Business Talk”

• What does the ‘container revolution’ mean to IT decision makers and business heads?
• Diving into the change of toolsets and technology needed to support container environments
• Recognizing and accommodating the organizational shift needed within both operations and development teams
• MODERATOR: Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA
• Zachary Conger, VP of IT, Altitude Digital
• Mohit Bhatnagar, VP Product Management, ClusterHQ
• Daniel Berg, Distinguished Engineer, Cloud Foundation Services & DevOps, IBM 

IBM Open by Design in the Expo
As a key contributor to the Open Container Initiative and Cloud Native Computing Foundation, IBM firmly believes that open source is the foundation of innovative application development in the cloud. We offer integrated container solutions that can meet the diverse needs of organizations of all sizes. Stop by the IBM booth in the expo hall where you can see live demos and learn more about IBM’s complete set of solutions and services for containers. While you’re there, learn more about developerWorks Open, a unique opportunity to collaborate with some of IBM’s brightest minds in a community setting. Experts will be on hand in the booth to give you a tour of dwOpen, a site where you can see the work these developers have done, re-use their techniques, and iterate on some of the very best ideas for tomorrow’s disruptive open technology innovations.

See you at Container World ‘16!

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