A big congratulations to the ODPi technical community. Today marks the official availability of the first ODPi specification and certification thanks to the work of the the ODPi technical community. IBM’s Technical Steering Council (TSC) member is Raj Desai – Software Engineer and is one of the seven elected leaders of the development community. This highly technical group manages the creation of the OPDi core using an open and transparent process to make decisions. IBM’s member of the Release Team (RT), is Scott Gray, Big Data Architect. The release team, which is responsible for helping define ODPi Release content, is elected from the TSC, membership community and board of directors, the Release Team helps determine project release content and drafts the release recommendation. Both team’s have done an outstanding job with the new core spec.

You can see the results of the technical community’s work www.github.com/odpi/specs including the ODPi specification that describes the initial tests that must be satisfied, environment variables that must be set, and versions that constitute an ODPi compliant distribution. Members will self-certify and their reports will appear on Github https://github.com/odpi/self-certification-reports.

ODPi helps Hadoop platforms that conform to the ODPi specifications, because ODPi compatible software can run on these platforms. ISVs benefit because they can “test once, run everywhere,” reducing cost of testing across multiple distributions. ODPi helps the market by providing a common platform against which to certify applications, reducing the complexities of interoperability. The ODPi test framework and self-certification also aligns closely with the Apache Software Foundation by leveraging Apache BigTop for comprehensive packaging, testing, and configuration. More than half the code in the latest Big Top release originated in ODPi.

IBM is proud to be a founding member of ODPi and we have set high goals of helping to expand adoption of this key open technology. We have commited resources to help free up platform consumers’ resources and increase the core platform’s portability and compatibility. ODPi is an inclusive community with membership tiers to fit every organization’s needs and we invite you to join us today to shape the future of big data.

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