After a semester of dedicated teamwork, the students of the Marketing of High Tech Products & Innovations (MG114P) module, in the MINT Marketing Innovation & Technology Bachelors at DCU@PNU (Dublin City University at Princess Nourah University), are celebrating today April 21, 2016 at PNU. The 2nd year student were split into 14 teams of 4 or 5 in February 2016. IBMers Jennifer McGinn, Kristi Farinelli and I presented IBM Watson‘s cognitive services to the students in March 2016. University lecturer Artemisa Jaramillo conducted sessions through the semester, motivating the teams and teaching them how to research the market, perform analyses, compile and present their ideas in an integrated way, and create infographics in support of their projects. This is the 2nd year that IBM collaborates with DCU@PNU on MINT. In 2015 the student projects, which were focused on Big Data, were presented at the Cloud Conference hosted at PNU.

At the Career Fair and Student Showcase in PNU CCIS

This year, each team identified, explored and researched a cognitive app that uses IBM Watson Services. The research was in the context of Saudi Arabia. During this process, a number of Dr Amal Khalifa‘s computer science students at PNU then mentored the teams along with IBMer Abeer AlRaee, and PNU Teaching Assistant Ghada Al-Mazroa, showing the students how to use IBM Bluemix cognitive services to familiarize them with the technology. In April 2016 members of the teams presented their projects many times, e.g., to the community at IBM, at an external technology meetup in Riyadh, and to me at PNU. As a result the teams generated excitement and interest in their projects at IBM and at other educational institutions.

The Unibus Infographic

As part of their projects, most of the teams identified partners they would work with should they proceed to the next stage. All the teams plan to use a variety of Watson services in their apps if/when they proceed to implementation. They listed the Watson services in their presentations and/or infographics. The services mentioned include alchemy data news, personality insights, speech to text, voice recognition, language translation and more. One team member mentioned that her husband keeps asking her: “Where is Watson? We need him now.”

This week the 14 projects and infographics were showcased in both the computer science career fair (at the IBM table), at the 1st PNU hackathon, and again today at the celebration event. 5 of the projects were particularly recognized:

  • Best Overall: Chaperon – an app that reduces passenger anxiety when navigating through airports
  • Best Infographic: Unibus – an app to help universities control and manage the bus services for students
  • Best Presentation: ShopIDo – a retail and consumer product, the more you use it, the better it knows you (the app name is pronounced shop-ay-do)
  • Best Idea: SignMeUp – bridges the gap between people with hearing and speech difficulties and their friends family and emergency services.
  • Best Teamwork: Nadhem – a healthcare app that integrates all interactions between patient and all associated healthcare providers – Nadhem means organizer
Infographics for FPS, Keep, Zakati and Chaperon

Other exciting apps include:

  • Enter: a market research app to determine when and how to enter a market
  • FPS: helps traveling Saudi’s when they get into difficulties, e.g., lost passport
  • ITV: an interactive TV application intended to increase TV viewing
  • Keep: an app that manages automotive maintenance
  • Omega: a game console that takes into account the customs and regulations in KSA
  • Qudra: an educational app that suggests areas of improvement (and takes into account disabilities) – Qudra means capability
  • Tadawi: integrates the medications a person is taking (both prescription and over-the-counter) and makes recommendations – Tadawi means medicate
  • WatsJob: a job matching application that takes into consideration local concerns and goals
  • Zakati: a financial app that tracks and manages the zakat tax that corporations pay – Zakati means my Zakat

Here is the complete list of the wonderful students who participated in the projects:

  • Team 1: Maha Mohammed Alajlan,¬†Alhanoof Shayesh Alanazi,¬†Hibah Mohsen Alharbi, Nawal Alaa Indarkiri, Norah Abdullah Alkhammash
  • Team 2: Basmah Subhi Alaujan,¬†Hawraa Abdulelah Alnakhli,¬†Sarah Abdullah Alshareef,¬†Yara Ali Mohammed
  • Team 3: Alaa Mohammed Aljarad,¬†Nouf Mohammed Alkhaldi,¬†Shahad Abdullah Almuhanna,¬†Rehab Radhi Alotaibi
  • Team 4: Noof Faesal Almgran,¬†Lolwah Nasser Almoshaigeh,¬†Walaa Ghazi Alrehaili,¬†Malak Sulaiman Alsulaiman
  • Team 5: Rand Ashraf Albenayan,¬†Norah Ibrahim Alnamlah, Kolud Saleh Alomeri,¬†Sarah Yousef Alsomali, Mashael Mohammed Alhuqayl
  • Team 6: Haya Mohammed Alasimi,¬†Ghada Bandar Alfadhliah,¬†Areej Abdulrahman Alhallaf,¬†Waad Mohammed Alsultan
  • Team 7: Maha Naqa Albuqami,¬†Hend Assaf Alassaf,¬† Nouf Faisal Almutairi,¬†Reem Mansour Nakiyah
  • Team 8: Halah Mohammed Abdullah,¬†Samaher Mohammed al Saeed,¬†Sarah Mohammed Almanie,¬†Rawan Saad Alothman
  • Team 9: Felwah Fawzan Alsabek,¬†Tahani Saad Alsalmi,¬†Amirah Abdulrahman Alsemari,¬†Amal Mohammed Saeed
  • Team 10: Nora Sulaiman Alandas,¬†Sajjaa Khalid Alghuribi,¬†Reema Faisal Alotaibi,¬†Hadeel Saad Alrabiah
  • Team 11: Nouf Ali Alassaf,¬†Raghad Abdullah Alghusun,¬†Sarah Abdulrahman Alhussain,¬†Waad Radif Alkhamshi
  • Team 12: Samah Nasser Alamer, Shahad Mohammed Alfawaz,¬†Hayam Mesfer Alluwaymi, Hanin Daeeth Alsahli
  • Team 13: Raghad Musallam Alahmadi,¬†Maram Abdulmohsin Aldawood,¬†Nadiyah Khlalid Almutairi,¬†Fahdah Yousef Alshenaifi
  • Team 14: Luluh Abdulrahman Alluhaydan,¬†Haifa Mohammed Almedlej,¬†Reem Ibrahim Alsuhaim, Sarah Mesfer Alajmi

We are so proud of all the teams that took part, learnt about IBM Watson & Bluemix, selected and researched their projects by industry in the context of KSA, created beautiful infographics, and presented to IBM. Some teams gave presentations to faculty at other universities too at a technology meetup. We all have many ideas for next steps as there is much interest in these projects. I’m sure you will be hearing more soon. Many thanks to all the students, staff, mentors and supporters. Special thank yous to Artemisa Jaramillo whose energy propelled the projects forward, to Amal Khalifa who encouraged her PNU CCIS students to be technical mentors, and to Anne Morrissey and Abeer AlRaee whose support was invaluable.

Many congratulations to all the teams.

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  1. Wow! The infographics exceeded my expectations! Thanks for sharing the students’ great work on your blog!

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