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Cloud Foundry Summit is approaching quickly in Santa Clara, CA and I do not want you to miss out! There will be loads of technical content and opportunities to network with people from all across the Cloud Foundry Community! I am very excited to be on a panel with some key members of this community to discuss Cloud Foundry’s impact to cloud technology.

Over the past 5 years since the Cloud Foundry project was open sourced, the project has evolved with new features, companies contributing and—just over a year ago—the formation of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. As with any open source project, community is a key piece of that growth and success.

Whether you’re a current meet-up organizer or have never attended a meet-up before—this panel is for you. We’ll talk through how to start organizing a meet-up, how to find and organize speakers, what to look for in a meet-up group, how to build community the right way, lessons learned and so much more.

I’ll be joined by some of my favorite people in the Cloud Foundry Community for this panel:

Mark Carlson of ECS Team, Denver CO
Paula Kennedy of Cloud Credo/Pivotal, London England
Daniel Krook of IBM, NY
Bridget Kromhout of Pivotal, Frequent Speaker and Community Leader
Moderated by: Stormy Peters, VP of Evangelism for Cloud Foundry Foundation

To view our full panel description, click here: Cloud Foundry in the Community

Register today for Cloud Foundry Summit and we hope to see you on Tuesday, May 24th @ 4:15pm!

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