IBM is proud of its leadership position with the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the most mature and open PaaS software on the planet. We are a founding member, a Platinum sponsor, one of the leading contributors to Cloud Foundry software, and have the world’s largest Cloud Foundry installation through our Bluemix cloud platform.


Cloud Foundry software is the key to future innovations for all types of organizations, and IBM is dedicated to furthering the Cloud Foundry vision through the new IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo in Raleigh, and through a large number of innovations and best-of-breed services in the Bluemix platform.


The Cloud Foundry Summit in May 2016 enabled us to sync with the community and enjoy the success this foundation is bringing to the open source PaaS space. IBM had 12 speaking sessions, keynote by Angel Diaz, VP of Cloud Technology and Architecture at IBM, and key contributions from other IBM cloud thought-leaders like Chris Ferris, Simon Moser, Michael Fraenkel, Dr. Max Maximilien, Matthew Sykes, and more.

We hope you were able join us for the Cloud Foundry Summit. Following are some of the ground-breaking technologies and exciting apps that people are creating with Cloud Foundry and the Bluemix platform, and which we enjoyed sharing at the summit. Please explore and feel free to contact any of the people listed below for additional information or engagement.

And thank you for making Bluemix, IBM’s Cloud Foundry-based cloud platform, the success it has become! The mission of open source excellence at IBM never ends.

Cloud Foundry Experience Applications

Check out the examples, copy the code, and start your own project!

Name Category Author Description Links
David Bowie Experience Watson, Wikipedia Anton Mcconville A Python app running on Cloud Foundry on Bluemix, designed to explore the psychology in the lyrics of each of David Bowie’s personas. This app is a case study about the future of hyper-personalization, comparing psychological data on written text from social media and customer interactions to better relate to individuals and learn about them over time. BLOG
Bluemix Speaks Watson, Swift, Mobile Marek Sadowski Demonstrating the power of Watson text-to-speech through Bluemix Cloud Foundry and Swift/iOS & Android. BLOG
Mood Ring Microservices, Twitter, Watson, Elasticsearch, Kibana Lin Sun An IBM Bluemix compute example, using services to display a real-time dashboard of the “tone” of a summit based on the Twitter hashtag like #CloudFoundry. BLOG
Smart Traffic Management Cognitive, IoT Uzma Siddiqui Emulate traffic management for connected cars by adjusting their routes and speeds depending on traffic zones and current traffic and weather conditions. In the case of accidents, determine the need for emergency medical services using cognitive sentiment analysis, and re-route incoming traffic. CODE
Node Red Operations
Online Store App using Microservices
App #1
App #2
App #3

Microservices, e-commerce, Cloudant Andrew Lohr & Ram Vennam Three sample applications using a microservices architecture to come together and create an online store application. BLOG
Code App #1
Code App #2
Code App #3
Weather Analysis using Apache Spark Apache Spark Neeraja Ganesan See the power of Apache Spark on the Cloud Foundry platform – see weather station data with the highest precipitation average for over 1.2 GB of weather data from 2015.
Education Sentry Cognitive, Watson, Education Andrew Lohr Use the power of IBM Watson to help analyze how students mirror their personality and tone into their writings. Set up “sentries” to watch for troublesome or praiseworthy traits and resolve or reward them when they arise. BLOG
Real Time Tone Watson, Speech-to-Text, Tone Analysis Anton McConville A node.js app running on Cloud Foundry. It samples spoken words using Watson Speech to Text, and in real time runs Tone Analysis on the sentences spoken, plotting the percentage of emotions on a scrolling chart. It offers a real-world application, gathering the emotional range of clients over time, routing them to a handler best suited for dealing with strong emotions, automatically signalling problem interactions, and learning how calls improve at call centers over time. CODE
Blockchain Blockchain A blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of data records hardened against tampering and revision. It consists of data structure blocks that exclusively hold data in initial blockchain implementations, with each block holding batches of individual transactions and the results of any blockchain executables. BLOG
Personality Insights Watson, Personality Insights Gain insight into how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do. This service applies linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes from a person’s unstructured text. BLOG
News Explorer Waston, Alchemy Data News Automatically construct a news information network and present large volumes of news results in an understandable fashion. BLOG
Audio Analysis Watson, Text-to-speech, Concept Insights Extract concepts from a stream of audio and make recommendations based on those concepts. BLOG
Sentiment Analysis Waston, Data Analytics Uses text analytics to detect sentiment and emotions from people’s digital footprints. BLOG
Business Intelligence AlchemyLanguage, AlchemyData News, Tone Analyzer Analyze news and social media to understand how people are talking about your company; understand important topics and how people feel about them. BLOG
Conversational Agent Watson, Dialog, Natural Language Classifier Give your users an engaging experience with your application by guiding them through a series of tasks in natural language rather than a long form. BLOG
Elections Insights Alchemy Data News, Performs natural language processing on 75,000+ news sources as they are published and uses Alchemy’s taxonomy breakdown to focus on all things election. BLOG

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