I was delighted to be able to attend the first ever official OpenStack Days Ireland event. It was hosted on the 10th of June 2016 in the Marker Hotel, Dublin.

The day consisted of:

  • Registration
  • Meet and greet with light breakfast
  • Jonathan Bryce (Chief Executive and Co-Founder of the OpenStack Foundation) to kick off the event
  • Morning presentations
  • Lunch and good chance to talk to other attendees and presenters
  • Afternoon presentations
  • Social event; another opportunity to mingle

It was very well organized, ran smoothly and on time! Everyone attending were approachable and it was a very relaxed and enjoyable event. It therefore had all the hallmarks of OpenStack!

All the presentations were insightful, interesting and well presented: OpenStack Ireland Day 2016 presentations. If I had to choose, then the following presentations would standout for me:

  • Keep Calm and Use OpenStack Consistently: Mike Perez, Cross-Project Developer Coordinator, the OpenStack Foundation:
    • Very structured and coherent presentation
    • Explained in a clear way how users can use OpenStack in a simple fashion to be able to build their value on top
    • DE-cluttered OpenStack away from “Big Tent” and back to its basic blocks of Compute, Network and Storage
    • Demonstrated how a standard interface can be used to connect to all public clouds running OpenStack (shade and openclient)
  • Our Experience Deploying and Using OpenStack: Adrian Smith, Senior Software Engineer, Workday:
    • Described easily how they deploy and use OpenStack in their environment
    • Explained reasons for using OpenContrail for networking and Apache server for SSL instead of Keystone
    • Explained reason behind just one controller node
    • Described how all CI/CD, development and production has been fully automated from day one
    • Showed future plans of moving from Icehouse to Mitaka clutteredand more usage of containers for OpenStack services
  • Network Functions Virtualization – The Opportunity for OpenStack and Open Source: Mark McLoughlin, Director of Engineering, Red Hat:
    • Nice simple presentation on NFV
    • Tied Telco and OpenStack together well
  • Success with OpenStack: Combining the 99,99% Building blocks: Jason Cannavale, Senior Director, OpenStack Product Development, Rackspace:
    • Explained good practices to follow if you want an OpenStack deployment to work for your organization
    • Key point raised was the need to change the culture to use OpenStack as it is meant to work and not how you think it should work
    • A good example of this was an architect in a company which had always used virtualization tools like VMware UI to deploy systems, decided to remove Horizon in their OpenStack deployment. He wanted his operators to get back to programming;use Heat and script it to deploy complete systems fast and in an automated fashion.

In conclusion, a very good event. I think this event is important to promote OpenStack more in Ireland and therefore increase the contributor numbers here. My only drawback is I felt that there could have been a better mix of more contributor style presentations. On the whole, very enjoyable and I look forward to next year.

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