Updated: Slides from the two talks are now available online:

OpenWhisk on IBM’s Bluemix by Ioana Baldini
OpenWhisk, a serverless computing platform, is a great way to bring event-based programming to your microservices architecture. During this talk, we will go through basic concepts of serverless platforms and discuss in more detail the architecture of OpenWhisk. We will conclude with a live demo of using OpenWhisk with IBM’s Bluemix Services and third-party (even open source!) services.

OpenWhisk internals: The action container model by Philippe Suter
OpenWhisk supports actions written in JavaScript, Swift, Java and Python. In this talk, we will explore the internals of OpenWhisk to learn how these actions are created, stored, and executed. We will dive into the (internal) specification that makes supporting such a variety of runtimes feasible, and will illustrate it by implementing, as a running example, support for a new language.

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If the Silicon Valley OpenWhisk meetup recap from Animesh Singh last month left you longing for an East Coast edition, I have good news. We’ll be hosting our second NYC Bluemix OpenWhisk meetup at IBM in midtown on Thursday evening, July 21st.

Join us to learn about OpenWhisk technology direct from the developers that build it and then give it a try on IBM Bluemix.

The open source OpenWhisk project provides developers with a distributed compute service to execute application logic in response to events. IBM Bluemix provides a hosted implementation for experimentation and commercial use (as it does for Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and Docker).

OpenWhisk is differentiated by its open source nature, hybrid deployment capability, and extensible model that allows anyone to add a programming language or service and to host their own instance wherever they want.

Come and help us build an open source ecosystem around this project, and ensure that you have an open source option for serverless computing, much as you do for IaaS, PaaS, and containers thanks to OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and Docker.

Ioana Baldini will give an introduction to the OpenWhisk platform for serverless programming (and how to get started with it on Bluemix). Philippe Suter will then dive deep into one of its key differentiating features, the ability to support additional programming languages.

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/srvlss-nyc

And if you missed our first OpenWhisk meetup back in May, you can catch the details on the drone demo thanks to coverage from TechCrunch and SDTimes.

Event-Driven and Serverless Programming with OpenWhisk

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