Apache Mesos 1.0 Released!

We at IBM would like to congratulate the Mesos team for the release of Apache Mesos 1.0. It is an exciting time for Mesos community and marks another milestone in the development of the platform.

Mesos is recognized as a leading technology for container orchestration. It provides an open, modular, and extensible cluster resource management foundation that supports the heterogeneity of workloads and platforms that our customers require. It has been deployed in large scale production at a number of web, internet and cloud companies including IBM. Mesos allows customers to consolidate diverse workloads on the same infrastructure, and this way improve resource utilization and reduce operations costs. The Mesos architecture enables agile evolution of application-centric container orchestration platforms.

Mesos 1.0 provides a stable foundation to support the next wave of broader adoption into more mainstream enterprises. The new secure HTTP API with versioning and release policy, as well as numerous other features like fine grained authorization, unified containerizer, GPU enablement, and early Windows support will be important to create momentum in the market.

IBM has been actively participating in the development of Mesos 1.0 becoming the most significant contributor after Mesosphere. The vision of the Apache Mesos project lines up very well with IBM’s experience in cluster resource management for high performance computing, analytics, cognitive computing, and microservices. Mesos is a foundation of some of our IBM Watson cloud offerings and of the next-generation of IBM Containers, our container-native platform in Bluemix. For customers running large high performance computing and analytics clusters, we have the IBM Spectrum Computing Products Connector for Apache Mesos that enables the smooth inter-operation of Mesos and IBM frameworks. You can watch a quick video here.

While Apache Mesos 1.0 is an important milestone, we are just getting started! We continue working with the Mesos team on new exciting capabilities, including optimistic offers, allocator performance and refactoring, as well working on next phases of unified containerizer, container networking (CNI), GPUs and POWER platform enablement and a host of other enhancements.

So once again the kudos to Apache Mesos team for this milestone and looking forward to even more in the future!

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