On the second day of the IBM Blockchain Hackathon in NYC, the teams continued to develop their ideas for their projects. On the first day of the hackthon, eight teams had emerged. By the end of the second day, these were the teams:

  1. BlocHackers – They continued work on the clean energy project
  2. The Loaning Team – They were called the green team on the first day
  3. Spreadsheet – This team managed to get data off the blockchain into a spreadsheet
  4. Music – This team continued developing their ideas and started coding
  5. G.O.A.T – This team was called MedRec yesterday
  6. Wheelhouse – We did not see most members of the team today
  7. Cold Chain in Blockchain – They were the vaccine team
  8. PayOnTime! – The team continues to define its project – with a new member who joined today
  9. NewsChain – This was a team of 1 that emerged on the second day
PayOnTime Team – with its New Member

It looks there are still eight teams on the second day, as the new team of one “NewsChain” compensates for the missing Wheelhouse team. All the teams worked with their mentors and started coding using one or both hyperledger platforms offered, Bluemix or LinuxOne. As Jennifer said, day 2 brought talking to hacking and VC said “from talkathon to hackathon”.

Our colleague Remko de Knikker arrived at the hackathon after traveling from Chicago to New York on the train (there were issues with the flights due to hurricane Matthew). Early in the day we had a presentation from Ian Hall on blockchain in government. Our colleague Louis de Bruin will present on the bike blockchain in the Netherlands on the third day (we could not get the sound to work on the second day). One of the Polish speaking hackers viewed the IBM blockchain explained presentation in Polish. Tim Richer, one of the hackathon supporters, stopped by to talk with the teams.

A small video to remember the day:

Some more tweets on Saturday follow:


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