The third day of the IBM Blockchain Hackathon started with a couple of short presentations on blockchain in the Netherlands and in Singapore. The teams worked on their demos and final 5 minute pitches. Each team had an IBM mentor assigned, and specialist mentors moved between the teams. The atmosphere became intense as pitch coaches worked with the teams. It became clear that one team had withdrawn and Newschain was not ready to present, but continued to work on the project. The eminent judges arrived increasing the pressure on the teams. At 1:45pm the winners presented in random order, and the judges asked each team questions after each team presented. They filled in judging forms, which were then collated and the teams were ranked. The judges deliberated. The winners were then announced at about 3:30pm on Sunday, October 9, 2016. The great winners are listed below – mostly with links to interviews with part or the whole team (and more updates are on the way):

  1. Loanchain
  2. Spreadblock
  3. BlocPower
  4. Coldchain
  5. ClefPay
  6. PayonTime – DNG

Early during the week of October 11, all the teams will receive their completed judging forms so they see what the judges said about them. They will also receive emails explaining the next steps, preparing them for the meetup on November 10, 2016 at Galvanize in Soho where they will all present.
You can read about:

Congratulations to the wonderful winning teams. Many thanks to all the enthusiastic participating teams who gave up their weekend to work on their blockchain projects, the dedicated judges who gave up their Sunday afternoon to assess the projects, and the amazing IBM team members who worked on making the hackathon a success. Over the next few days this blog entry will be updated with more information. Thanks also to the great sponsors and supporters.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at Galvanize in Soho on Nov 10, 2016 – Registration information is available here

The winning teams presented at a meetup on Nov 10 :

The Hackathon Judges
Observing, Conversing and Resting
Busy Teams and a Visitor

Blog entry shortlink:

Some tweets on the last day of the hackathon:

The Visit of Some of the Winning Teams to IBM YorkTown

The Departure of the Visiting Teams

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