OpenStack just announced it’s 14th release, code named Newton after a historic house in Austin Texas. More than 2500 developers contributed to the release, but specifically, I’d like to highlight some of the contributions made by my team in IBM’s Linux Technology Center. We are involved in several key areas supporting scale-out POWER systems on the KVM hypervisor as well as just working in the community to make OpenStack better. We have been active contributors to the OpenStack community since the Folsom release and continue to share our experience with new teams getting started both internally to IBM and externally. I’m proud to be a part of the LTC and for our continued contributions to the OpenStack project. I’m looking forward to what we’ll accomplish in the Ocata release!

Here are some of our contribution highlights:

Nova – compute engine

  • Contributed to the design and implementation of new placement engine and its API
  • Definition and implementation of resource providers allowing scheduling and placement decisions to be more generic
  • Cleanup of configuration options, adding help text and improving formatting consistency
  • Fixed API inconsistencies between calls by admin and non-admin
  • Scheduler subteam meeting leadership
  • Ironic – bare metal

  • Power support for the Ironic Python Agent
  • Projectified MoltenIron, a baremetal test pool management toolset
  • Fixed VirtualBox defect
  • Neutron – networking

  • Implemented unit test suite for DNS integration
  • Refactor DNS integration out of database core plugin
  • Routed networks
  • Implemented host segment mapping
  • Developed multi node Vagrant environment to test routed networks functionality
  • Developed placement API client to enable routed networks integration with Nova
  • KVM on Power CI testing

  • Increased coverage for KVM on Power: Multinode, Grenade, Neutron
  • Infrastructure improvements for KVM on Power 3rd party CI: OpenStack health, logstash, elastic search, kibana
  • NUMA Fix
  • Created MariaDB plugin for Devstack
  • Magnum – Container Orchestration as a Service

  • Implement Mesos cluster smart scale down mechanism
  • Enable notification mechanism for Magnum clusters
  • Generate a human readable name for Magnum clusters when not specified
  • Expose underlying error during Magnum cluster creation to help debug
  • Watcher – resource balancing

  • Advised the Watcher team as they became an official OpenStack Big Tent project

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