The Hyperledger Project held its first annual Member Summit at the Marriott by the Brooklyn Bridge this past Wednesday and Thursday. The Hyperledger Member Summit 2016 was the first time that we managed to have nearly all of the 100 members together in one room since the project was officially launched in February. The event was, IMHO, quite a success.hyperledger_project_logo-smallWe had keynotes from Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hypeimg_3247rledger Project. Blythe Masters of Digital Asset Holdings and Chair of the Board of Governors, Dan O’Prey, also of Digital Asset Holdings and Chair of the Marketing Committee, and yours truly, Chair of the Technical Steering Committee. There were some great lightning talks on a variety of topics and each of the top-level incubating projects (Fabric, Sawtooth, Iroha, and Blockchain Explorer) had an opportunity to update the membership on their respective progress. As we are expecting that R3CEV will be soon proposing that Corda be proposed for incubation, we also had a very comprehensive update from Richard Brown, R3CEV’s CTO, on Corda.

There was a panel discussion moderated by Julian Gordon, our VP of Operations in Asia, discussing the opportunity and challenges facing the community in China, with paimg_3250nelists representing Huawei, Wanda Group, OnChain and HypeChain. It was very interesting to hear their perspectives. The language, timezone and cultural challenges that our colleagues in Asia face definitely need to be addressed. The timing was perfect for this as we also just launched the China Technical Working Group which we hope will help provide the necessary bridge and increase collaboration at a distance.

We also had our first face-to-face meeting of the Hyperledger Board of Governors, and we had a two-day “Hackfest” in Midtown where the technical community had an opimg_3231portunity to engage and plot out potential areas of collaboration. We also had deep dives on each of the top level projects, including Corda. Finally, we had a great session discussing how we drive towards increased collaboration between the projects in 2017.

Everyone I spoke with seemed to have enthusiasm for the prospects in 2017, of delivering 1.0 releases of the various projects, seeing increased collaboration within and between the top-level projects, and seeing the first production use cases coming to light.img_3252

It was great to meet new people and some old friends. My thanks to Brian, Todd, Mike, Jim, Jessica, Greg, Ray, Ry and the entire Hyperledger team at the LF for bringing everyone together and organizing a fantastic event!

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