For the past five years, those of us in open technology at IBM, along with our industry partners, have been working to build a truly open cloud architecture. For most of this time, the focus has been on building out that open infrastructure at all levels: from the data center to the platform to containers and beyond. Our goal has been to build a ubiquitous and open cloud.

I would argue that we’ve succeeded. That said, to borrow a quote from Frost, we have miles to go before we sleep.

At every layer, we’ve created open ecosystems and vendors—including IBM—are delivering innovative, open-based cloud solutions. Companies from the startup level to your most pervasive enterprises are using them to build amazing technology solutions.

I see the next five years of open cloud being all about reducing the abstraction. We’ll be creating open technology that will build on the shoulders of what we’ve done to help developers deliver value more quickly and efficiently. They’ll need to know less about infrastructure and focus more on the business process they’re trying to implement.

When you think about where we’re heading with containers, creating cloud native applications, how we’re starting to implement serverless architectures, what we’re really doing here is reducing the concept count. This allows us to focus on the value we’re delivering to our customers.

At the Open Technology Summit in Las Vegas on March 19 from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. PT, our incredible lineup of experts will be discussing these themes and others as well.

You’ll hear from more than a dozen speakers about the current state of open cloud architecture. We’ll answer the question: How are open tech communities working to reduce the concept count of what developers need to know to provide true value to their stakeholders?

Another theme we’ll be addressing is how these communities—OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, CNCF, OCI, Linux Foundation, ODPI and so many more—can improve the ways they work together to better serve the developer community.

The Open Technology Summit is truly the only place in the industry today where you can go and have a dialogue with leaders from the key open communities, IBM leaders and partners from every community all in one place. Join us in Las Vegas to hear their perspectives, pick their brains, ask questions and network.

The great thing about #IBMOTS is that it will give you an overview of the work that talented individuals are contributing to each of these communities and provide a roadmap for their futures. You can take that knowledge and decide where you want to dig deeper.

I encourage you to visit the Open Technology Summit Eventbrite page and register today. Follow the conversation with us on Twitter with the hashtag #IBMOTS. You can also learn more about IBM InterConnect 2017 and register for the conference. We’ll see you in Las Vegas!

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