Riyadh: Hyperledger Blockchain Hackathon at Badir on February 9-11, 2017 – Photo from wikipedia entry for Riyadh

The Hyperledger Blockchain Hackathon will kick-off in Riyadh on Feb 9-11, 2017 hosted by King AbdulAziz City of Science and Technology (KACST) with partners Badir and IBM. The blockchain technology has taken the world by storm and is expected to transform how multi-party transactions are conducted across industries. At the core of blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions. It fosters a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust, accountability and transparency. The hyperledger project is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including leaders in finance, banking, IoT, supply chain, manufacturing and technology.

Hackathon participants, who will be a mix of startups and students, will work in teams on their projects through the weekend after the event kick-off on February 9. Mentors will be available to support the teams. The teams will present their projects to a panel of judges on February 11 who will identify exceptional projects, which will be highlighted via social media. We anticipate that the hackathon will create a vibrant cross-disciplinary blockchain community in Riyadh that will explore how to apply hyperledger technology to local and global emerging applications.

For more information about the hackathon and to apply as a participant or as a mentor, please see:

Highlights of the hackathon and the events around it include:

  • Social media to foster community. Follow, notify and use these hashtags #blockhackriyadh (the hashtag for the event), #ibmblockchain and Blockchain Hackathon hashtag in Arabic; and twitter handles @badirprogram, @KACST, @ibmmea, @digitalmisa. @faiz_alim , @Colaborative_IT, @sumalaika
  • Recruiting and training hands-on hackathon mentors from a variety of institutions who will complete the following blockchain prerequisite education (which offers a completion certificate) prior to the hackathon:
  • Kick-off webinar for all on February 5, 2017 at 3pm Saudi Time (7am US Eastern) with an in-person location at KACST for those who want to network
  • Education day at IBM for hackathon mentors on February 7, 2017 at Kingdom Center shown in the photo above – The education is by invitation only and assumes that the mentors have completed blockchain for developers
  • Blockchain seminar at Princess Nourah University (PNU) on February 8, 2017 for interested faculty and students at the university. If you are at PNU and want to attend the seminar, please contact Anne Morrissey from DCU@PNU anne.morrissey@dcu.ie
  • IBM speakers during the hackathon on February 9-11 to motivate the participants to identify and prototype their hyperledger projects
  • Follow-up blog entries and articles to grow community interest, publicize novel hackathon projects and experiences such as:
    • (1) a mentor recap blog about the experience of the hackathon and being a mentor
    • (2) a hackathon participant or team blog about their hack and use case
    • (3) a hackathon participant or team blog blog about technologies such as Bluemix or Hyperledger Fabric

Prerequisites for all participants

To get the most benefit from the hackathon, we encourage all participants to complete the following education, which offers completion certificates, prior to the event:

IBM speakers and mentors at the hackathon

The IBM speakers (some will be remote) during the hackathon will include :

There will be multiple mentors at the hackathon. The IBM mentors will include :

One of the judges will be Hany Abdelhamid, Cloud Technical Leader, from IBM.

There will be some remote mentors and helpers from IBM. They include:

Some key dates summary

Saudi Time is 8 hours ahead of US Eastern

  • Sunday Feb 5, 2017 3-5pm Saudi Time – Blockchain webinar for mentors and participants
  • Tuesday Feb 7, 2017, 9:30am-6pm Saudi Time – Blockchain education at IBM at Kingdom Center for mentors – by invitation only
  • Wednesday Feb 8, 2017, 11:30am-1pm Saudi Time – Blockchain seminar at PNU for faculty and students
  • Thursday Feb 9- Saturday Feb 11 – The blockchain hackathon at Badir
Blockchain Seminar at Princess Noura University by Shroog AlSaquabi and Susan Malaika

Agenda for mentor education day

This agenda is tentative:
9:30-10:00am – Introductions
10:00-11:00am – Review Bluemix and Blockchain and the session “Apply blockchain to a business network”
11:00-noon – Introduce “Explore blockchain and the Hyperledger Fabric project”
noon-12:45pm – Break
1pm-2:15pm – Continue “Explore blockchain and the Hyperledger Fabric project”
2:15-2:45pm – Susan Malaika introduces hackathons and tips for mentoring – talks about what makes good use cases, a good team, the use of design thinking, the structure of the hackathon
2:45-3:15pm – David Gorman (or a remote colleague) introduces Build your first chaincode step by step
3:15-3:30pm – Break
3:30-5:00pm – David Gorman (remote) works with the mentors on Build your first chaincode step by step
5:00pm-5:30pm – Final remarks

Hyperledger Blockchain Hackathon at Badir in Riyadh on February 9-11

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