Over 300 people applied to the first blockchain hyperledger hackathon in Riyadh! University students, entrepreneurs, employees from government and private companies were eager to participate – some flying or driving to Riyadh from Dammam, Jedda, Mecca and more.

The experience in Riyadh was exceptional as can be seen in the video above. Partners Badir, KACST, IBM – along with supporting institutions, 35 mentors, 30 organizers, and 70 participants in teams of 2-4 created a high energy 3 day experience from Feb 9-11 at Badir in Riyadh. On day 1, there was a line of people at Badir in the hope that places would become available because of no-shows.

The atmosphere was electric. On day 2, due to the level of social media around the event, more people asked to join. We also had the great pleasure of welcoming unexpected guests from prestigious institutions eager to talk with the teams and see for themselves what was happening.

On day 3, the teams presented projects and prototypes from various industries such as construction, government, healthcare, human resources, media, non-profit, pharma, retail, and startup ecosystem sectors. The teams that finished were called ChainedBond, CarinChain, CharityChain, MailOnChain, FactChain, Vekipedia, NoChainNoGain (CareerStamp), OrganChain, DocChain, BloodChain, Yaseer, HealthChain, BetterBuilder, MedTrack, LifeChain, Minvest, BorderBlock, and CamelChain. It was inspiring to see the ideas emerge – and to witness developers, who had no experience on blockchain, begin coding using the BlueMix Blockchain Hyperledger services.

Many congratulations to all teams and heartfelt appreciation to mentors, organizers, judges, and partners. Follow-ups are planned to build community around blockchain, develop skills, and foster multi-disciplinary collaboration in the region. If you are interested, please join this local meetup group The first event is scheduled for March 5, 2017.

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What Happened:
The first idea of the Riyadh hackathon came about in April 2016 at a technology meetup in IBM Kingdom Center where KACST and many institutions were present. Dr Amany Alshawi, from KACST, expressed interest in an activity around blockchain when I gave a short talk on the blockchain, After months of preparations involving Badir, KACST, and KACST including the running of a blockchain hackathon in New York City, and the training of 35 local mentors in Riyadh, at last February 9, 2017 arrived. There were hundreds of applicants for the Riyadh hackathon. Only 70 participants were accepted who formed teams. Some people knew other, e.g., they all worked at the same institution and some got to know each other at the event. Twitter and instagram where used widely through the event with these hashtags:

Such was the level of social media, we had the great pleasure of welcoming unexpected guests from prestigious local financial institutions eager to talk with the teams and to see for themselves what was happening. The visitors gave the teams insightful and specific feedback.

Riyadh: Agenda for Hyperledger Blockchain Hackathon at Badir on February 9-11, 2017 ->

Team Activities

The main team activities on the three days were as follows:

  • On Feb 9: The team members started brainstorming ideas around their projects after listening to some presentations. Some teams who had not completed their prerequisite training used the first day to complete their self-study. They also all joined a slack channel to collaborate and get help from both local and remote mentors and technology experts. The prerequisites for the participants are:
    1. Blockchain :
    2. Bluemix :
  • On Feb 10: The teams had to focus on their projects, and commit to just one. And many teams started prototyping.
  • On Feb 11: The teams started planning their presentations and demos to the judges – They mentors conducted dry runs with the teams and then the time came for the teams to present to judges and all the participants. Finally after many months of work, the closing ceremony included inspiring talks, and the winners were announced.

The working environment was wonderful, with side rooms for teams to work in, excellent refreshments and food to keep the teams and mentors engaged and animated during the many hours of the hackathon.

Riyadh: Delicious Food at the Blockchain Hyperledger Hackathon at Badir on February 9-11, 2017 ->

The Judges

You can see the bios for the great judges by scrolling down on the mentors pages

The Finishing Teams:

Projects marked with with (**) were in the top 6. Many congratulations to them and to all the teams. It was a tremendous effort. We anticipate that some of the teams will present at the upcoming regional meetups

Team Name


Team Members

ChainedBond Manage land assets – with live demo Shafi Saad Almutairi, Isa Muhi Alfaifi, Ibraheam Issa Alkhalifah, Hamzah Mohammed Melhi
CarinChain Improve car insurance claims and repairs Tamim Sami Alhussain, Omar Khalid Alamoudi, Osamah Mohammed Morished, Omar Eyas AlHajery
CharityChain (**) Manage donations across institutes, banks, governments Ibrahim Adel Hussein, Abdulrhman Hasan Agha, Ammar Abdulmohaimin AlTahhan, Mohamad Rami Anas Shelh
MailonChain (**) Manage and persist critical emails Haiyan Abdulrazzak Alsaiyed, Muhammad Emad Eddin Altabba, Abdullah Abdulkhaleq Sibai, Abdullatif Aboulsir Zinou
FactChain (**) Authenticate real news – with live demo to authenticate tweets Mostafa Sayed Mohammad, Ahmed Samir Alashrafy, Abdulaziz Almadhi
Vekipedia Place used car information on the blockchain to track provenance and help car buyers Raghad Ahmad Alghonaim, Fai Abdulaziz Alnuhait, Mashael Mohammed AlMutlaq, Norah Fahad Alkassim
NoChainNoGain (CareerStamp) (**) Authenticate work records for job seekersto help employers and applicants Mohammad Abdulkarim Alabdulkarim, fahad Saleh alshoumar, Abdulaziz Mohamed Alabdullah, Yarob Haitham Al Mostafa
OrganChain Manage blood and organ donations on the blockchain helping those in need Mariah Ali Almotlag, Ghada Abdulaziz Alomair, Manaf Mudhhi Alanazi, Aseel Helal Taemees
DocChain (**) Preserve certificates and important documents on the blockchain to overcome loss, theft, and disasters Asma Abdullatif Albasha, Khdijah Mohammed Alsbbar, Ola Mohammed Monther Samsamieh, May Abdullah Muraished
BloodChain Manage blood supplies across hospitals Eman Abdulatife Al-Habashi, Noor Munyib Shaker, Rehab Jamaan Alzahrani, Rasha Abdullrahman Al-shehri
Yaseer سير Manage the initiation of startups and the provision of associated documents Norah Abdallah Alsabti, Noha Zaid AlGwaiz, Dana Nasser AlHenaki, Ohoud Muhammad Al-Shawkani

HealthChain Place and manage patient records on the blockchain Abdullah Madhi Bin Madhi, Ali Saeed Alhamedi, Ibrahim Ali Alfarhan, Raed Abdullah Shari
BetterBuilder Place key transactions on the blockchain when dealing with building contractors Seema Ali Al-huwayrini, Shahad Abdullah Alkarzae, Norah Abdullah Alhamdan, Yara Waleed Jamalaldeen
Medtrack Track medications via the blockchain Bsmah Ahmed AlMashari, Muneera Salah Al-Nufaisi, Amani Ibrahim AlFarasani, Reem Kareem Alshammari
LifeChain Maintain health check records on the blockchain to avoid repeating checks Nasser Judaya Alharthi, Ahmad Mohammed ALGhamdi, Abdullah Mohammed Alhelal
Minvest Manage crowd-sourcing on the blockchain Sundus Ibrahim Aldowihei, Arwa Ibrahim Aldoweihe, Lena Saud Almutair, Shahad Abdulkarim Alsehli
BorderBlock (**) Manage visa processing across participating countries Moiyad Mosa Almosa, Abdulrahman Ahmad Aldokhayel, Waleed Ibrahim Alhajri, Khalid Ahmad Altayaran
CamelChain Manage the buying and selling of camels on the blockchain Nasser Abdullah Binobied, Ahmed Saleh Alibrahim
Making New Friends at the Blockchain Hyperledger Hackathon at Badir on February 9-11, 2017
Thank you Hyperledger for your support of the Blockchain Hyperledger Hackathon at Badir on February 9-11, 2017

Some Tweets

Riyadh: Agenda for Hyperledger Blockchain Hackathon at Badir on February 9-11, 2017


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