Misha Brukman sharing insights on JanusGraph

Following on from our graph meetup in March 2017, on August 22, 2017 we had a Jupyter and JanusGraph meetup at the Blockchain Garage NYC to celebrate the first JupyterCon. We publicized the meetup through Big Data Developers NYC and through the Open Source Graph Technologies Meetup. There were a number of speakers:

As usual, because the graph meetup is in the European time zone – we all received “thank yous for attending”, before the meetup started because of the 5 hour time difference! Thank you Richard Irving, Nancy Berlin, Susan Lo, and others for their help with the meetup. Thanks to the speakers for the great JanusGraph and Jupyter talks and demos – some impromptu, and thanks to the animated and engaged audience. Networking was intense and people had to be encouraged to leave when the room had to be locked.

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We are looking forward to Graph Day in Seattle on October 20, 2017 – and we are planning the next JanusGraph meetup in Santa Clara on Wednesday October 18, 2017, The next meetup in NYC will likely be in early 2018.

Slides from Jason Plurad‘s presentation – including JanusGraph availability on the cloud via Compose
Networking at Papillon the night before JupyterCon

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