There will be exceptional speakers and open source community leaders at the INDEX conference, Feb 20-22 at Moscone West, combined rooms 2022 & 2024, San Francisco. If you want to find out more about open technologies in AI, and particularly TensorFlow, please join us at the AI Open Community Gathering Featuring TensorFlow session at 9am on Tuesday February 20. The speakers will likely include:

Draft Agenda for the AI Open Community Gathering Featuring TensorFlow at the INDEX conference

If you attend Index conference sessions on Feb 20, you get FREE registration for main event on Feb 21-22. Use the IND18FULL promo code (before February 12). Register here:

And by the way, there will be an #IBMQ 50 qubit quantum computer prototype model on display @indexconf

Gabby the Brave – AI Open Community Mascot

Set Up in combined rooms 2022-2024

  • Panel Set on stage 4 stools
  • Microphones available: 1 lavalier microphone + 1 handheld on stage + 2 additional hand held microphones for Q&A or other speakers
  • Connectors available: HDMI, VGA connectors + MAC adaptor
  • There will not be a show computer in the room; presenters are required to run their own presentation.

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