I participated in three wonderful, and very different, meetups on three consecutive days in June in New York City – and all related to open source software. I hope that members of all three communities (data governance, R-Ladies, LinuxONE) will join in the call for code global initiative 2018 https://callforcode.org/

1. Open Metadata and Governance at the ODPi with Mandy Chessell

Open Metadata and Data Governance Initiative at the ODPi
The first meetup, on open metadata and data governance, took place on June 13, at Galvanize on the Lower East Side. IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Mandy Chessell, shared her vision on the adoption of an open metadata approach, and how it will transform data governance, by making it possible for tools and repositories to share metadata in an agreed way. The discussion at the meetup was excellent, and Mandy handled many questions clearly and concisely. The discussion included the concept of a cohort (see slides 42 & 43), and if the data governance model described was too complex for a small organization. For more information from Mandy, please see:

If you would like to participate in data governance activities with industry experts like Mandy, the ODPi data governance initiative, is seeking people with domain knowledge in data governance to join the activities. The group meets weekly – the sessions alternate between technology and business focus. You can see the meeting minutes here https://github.com/odpi/data-governance/wiki. See also https://github.com/odpi/data-governance.

The ODPi is also planning a data governance day just before the Open Source Summit in Vancouver on Tuesday August 28, 2018 – see https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/open-source-summit-north-america-2018/ The morning sessions will consist of lectures and panels. The afternoon will be hands-on to help participants get started working with shared metadata and data governance.

Contact John Mertic at the ODPi if you would like to participate in ODPi data governance, and help shape the future of this area.

R-Ladies NYC Meetup at the OppenheimerFunds

2. Lightning Talks with R-Ladies NYC

The second meetup, R-Ladies NYC, took place on June 14, at the beautiful offices of the OppenheimerFunds at the World Trade Center. The CEO of the funds, Art Steinmetz, had reached out to R-Ladies-NYC offering the venue for the meetup – He also delivered the opening welcome for the meetup, explaining the importance he attached to numeracy. The outstanding meetup then consisted of 14 flawless and engaging lightning talks of five minutes each.

  • Welcome : Arthur P. Steinmetz, @adababbage
  • Breathing New Life into Old PowerPoint Templates: Kelly Dietz, @dietzykel
  • Cooking Up Statistics: The Science & The Art: Letisha Smith, @LetishaAudrey
  • Acting the Data Science Interview: learning from both sides of the interview table: Catherine Zhou, @catherinezh
  • Non-representative polls: Jenn Kanjan, @jennkanjana
  • InteRactive: make your analyses & reports more engaging with R & Plotly: Gulya Radjapova, @thisisgulya
  • Debugging Data in R: Hannah Flaherty, @hannah_therese
  • Sum of Nothing: R, Python pandas, and the different ways to do math with missing data: Christine Zhang, @christinezhang
  • Who Reads Whom: Text Mining Literary Interviews: Sarah Rankin
  • The Stories behind Missing Data: Policy and Practice in Social Services: Rika Gorn, @RikaGorn
  • Freak Your Factors: Luda Janda, @ludmila_janda
  • Analyzing Recruiting Pipelines with R: Maryam Jahanshahi, @mjahanshahi
  • Reticulate: An R Interface to Python: Elizabeth Sweeney, @emsweene57
  • Digital data extraction using R and other tools: Jaya Satagopan, @satagopj
  • Teaching the Tidyverse to Coworkers: Erin Grand, slides

There were two talks that discussed handling missing values following in a long tradition in the data world, such as the use of three valued logic for handling missing information with SQL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU-MXf2TsPE.
The audience was prepped really well, with a sheet that listed the talks, the speakers, & their twitter handles. The sheet also included some tweeting advice too.
I can’t wait for the upcoming R-Ladies-NYC book discussion with author Meredith Broussard @merbroussard on Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World on July 14 – see https://www.meetup.com/rladies-newyork/events/251676940/

# Awesome meetup
# Thank you R-Ladies-NYC and the leadership Soumya Kalra et al
# Keep up the great work

At the LinuxONE Meetup at 590 Madison – including a “Grace Chatbot” demo with Blockchain by Bergen Community College Students: Sadik Erisen, Kate Knyazeva and Rahi Barot

3. LinuxONE User Group

The third meetup, took place on June 15 at the IBM Building at 590 Madison in mid-town.
The meetup was about the LinuxONE operating environment. New features, including security enhancements, were described. Students from Bergen Community College were present and one of their professors described the computing program he runs there, with impressive results. Some of the meetup participants were going onto the 10th Enterprise Computing Conference at Marist College.

Call for Code

I hope that members of all three communities (data governance, R-Ladies, LinuxONE) will participate in the call for code global initiative 2018 https://callforcode.org/, sponsored by the Linux Foundation, United Nations Human Rights Office, and American Red Cross, along with IBM. The program runs over multiple years. In 2018, participants work as individuals or in teams to solve global problems related to natural disasters. The prize is $200K! Key dates are:

  • Jun-18 – Submissions Open
  • Aug-31 – Submissions Close
  • Sep-01 – Judging Begins
  • Oct – Grand Prize

You can get started here https://developer.ibm.com/callforcode/

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