AngelHack Call-for-Code Meetup – July 20, 2018

On Friday July 20, Angelhack ran a great call-for-code session on a gorgeous evening in New York City featuring superb speakers to inspire participation and to seed ideas. The speakers and topics included:

  • Challenge Overview – John Walicki, IBM CTO, Global Technology Advocacy with Q&A
  • How the American Red Cross responds to natural disaster: A case study: Dr. Rodric Bowman, Regional Disaster Officer, NJ chapter of American Red Cross – included a description of how the Red Cross is organized into 60 regional groups across the US and how disasters are handled depending on impact and size – He also described the autonomy that the various groups have in selecting the software that they use.
  • BTS Wireless on the provision of systems that enhance radio coverage in areas where cell phone or radio coverage is either poor or non-existent.

Angelhack hosted and facilitated the meeting, and then the attendees introduced themselves and described their interest in the hackathon. They had varied backgrounds ranging from full stack developers, to data scientists, to innovators. After sharing ideas, and asking many questions, the attendees networked to form teams to tackle the kinds of problems that Dr. Rodric Bowman & BTS wireless described. Examples included managing the Red Cross volunteers and providing situational awareness apps (98% of Red Cross are volunteers!) and creating communication networks quickly after a disaster. In general, after-action reports, identify communication failures as the main cause of problems after a disaster occurs. These failures are wide-ranging and include both technology and human communication failures.

Note that this coming weekend (July 27-29) there is a virtual hackathon to help people get started or to develop their ideas further – the weekend includes a wonderful livestream of tech talks. It also includes sessions about the problems that occur during natural disasters (fires, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc), and that need solutions. See for more information including the agenda. These talk are recorded and are available for subsequent viewing – see

Virtual Call-for-Code Hackathon – July 27-29, 2018

There are IBM Code Patterns for each of six suggested technical solution areas to explore when building a submission for the 2018 Call for Code Challenge. The submission does not have to fit into one of these areas, but they can inspire what you build:

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