The GitHub and Call for Code Team – Participants, AnitaB & IBMers – at joint ArabWIC & WiDS 2019 event at EMI in Rabat

At a joint ArabWiC (Arabic Women in Computing) and WiDS (Women in Data Science) event on Saturday March 9 at EMI (Ecole Mohammadia d’ingĂ©nieurs) in Rabat, members of the & IBM Developer introduced enthusiastic attendees to GitHub & Call for Code.

First Maybelline Burgos (with the assistance of Rose Robinson) from got everyone in the room familiar with Github – some used their phone to create their repos and issues, others used their laptops or tablets. Then Myrna Fahim, Younes Berrada, Wissal Laassilia, Stephanie Cleijpool, and I introduced the attendees to Call for Code, split the group up into teams of 3 – and then brainstormed solutions for Call for Code to help with the well-being of communities after natural disasters. We found that many of the projects connected well with the others. These are just some of the projects discussed:

  • NBA : Predict medications & medical equipment to send to support people in a disaster – for use by authorities to ensure there are enough medications etc for people affected
  • Rescue Me : Send alerts about the emergency to others
  • Be Safe : Find your way to safety through IoT
  • Animal Sentiment Analysis : Predict natural disasters from animal behavior
  • Recover : Predict where help is needed by taking photos with drones flying over disaster area – for use by authorities
  • SOS : Post photos of the disaster area & send alerts when need help – for use by authorities from content provided by people affected by disaster
  • Helpers 911: Create forms for people to fill in before disasters to know who might be affected when a disaster happens – for use by authorities so they can be sure that people are safe

Follow-on Activities

  • On Wednesday March 20 at 6pm Morocco time (1pm US Eastern): we will have a follow-on session over zoom, where we will continue the Github introduction and develop the ideas of the participants further – please contact malaika at us dot ibm dot com if you want to be added to the call
    We had the call – Thank you Maybelline Bourgos for completing the GitHub intro. Teams Rescue Me , Animal Sentiment Analysis & Helpers 911 were represented – You can see a recording of part of the call below
  • On April 30, 2019 there will be a related meetup at IBM Client Center in Casablanca to develop the ideas further
Timeline for Call for Code in 2019 – submissions accepted March 2019; submissions closed July 2019; prizes October 2019 – see FAQ

Handy References

Thank You

Thank you to all the the event leaders and helpers from ArabWIC, WiDS, EMI, AnitaB and IBM – and to the participants too. It was an exciting session.

Recording of Follow-On Call on March 20, 2019

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