Join us at the 2nd International Workshop on Opentech AI in Helsinki

Please join us in Helsinki on May 6-7 at IBM Office Helsinki (Laajalahdentie 23, 00330 Helsinki) for a workshop on artificial intelligence. Working with Daniel Pakkala and Jim Spohrer, we will share information about open source, AI ethics, and deep learning. Other topics include AI trends, AI frameworks like TensorFlow, natural language processing, AI in the context of healthcare and in energy & utilities industries. The event will be of interest to a variety of participants such as developers (particularly the tutorials), and for those defining the strategy for AI in their companies. Students, faculty and startups who participate, will be able to connect with companies, and showcase their work, e.g., through posters.

The Helsinki event will be relevant to digital transformation of economies via opentech AI. Specifically, the workshop will look at AI for Healthcare and Manufacturing as well as other industry-specific applications of AI, and Finland’s AI Strategy focus. The two day flow:

  • Monday May 6th 13:00-18:00 tutorials in parallel tracks, 16:30-19:00pm welcome reception and posters
  • Tuesday May 7th 08:00-17:00 keynotes and panels

On May 7th morning, there will be keynotes on EU AI, Finland AI, and AI ethics. On May 7th afternoon there will be panels on AI & healthcare applications, AI & industry, and AI & open source.

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Program Committee

You can see the posters here

Call for Posters – Deadline 15 April 2019

The second OpenTechAI workshop in Helsinki, Finland will be held on May 6 and 7. The event is sponsored by IBM & VTT and is by invitation only. The workshop focuses on open source AI topics particularly relevant to Finland, and to Europe as a whole.

In 2018, we had a very successful poster session at the event. This year we are opening up the posters portion of the program to public submissions. We have limited space so only 10 posters will be selected. Themes of particular interest are voice & image recognition, natural language processing, AI ethics and fairness, managing, sharing, and crowd-sourcing datasets – all in an open source context. Authors of selected posters will be invited to the whole event and will benefit from excellent sessions and networking with staff from industry and government institutions. And it is a great opportunity to find people from industry and government to collaborate with

Please submit your poster title, abstract, and authors with affiliations by 15 April 2019 to – we will notify you if your poster is accepted by 23 April

If your poster is selected:

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