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Three Tech Meetups at 590 Madison NYC – June 18, 2019

Three technology meetups are being planned by members of the IBM Academy of Technology and its affiliates in coordination with the IBM New York City Developer Advocates

For more information about the:

  1. Academy of Technology (AoT) – see:
  2. New York City Developer Advocates – see
Meetup Outline

You can register or be added to the waitlist for the meetups here:

And one overall mix and match meetup – Tech Buffet: Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Mainframes + a little Magic! :

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We’ve cooked up a special event on Tuesday, June 18th! One event, 3 tech flavors to choose from. Your choice. Pick one and attend that talk/lab or halfway through move to another room.

But before the tech buffet begins, we are kicking things off by making your sure you are ready see what most people miss every day! It’s part magic show, part keynote, part new perspective on AI, data science, or technology in general!

Don’t miss this special meetup!


5-520pm – doors open, drinks, and networking
520-550pm – a special performance by Dave Reich, Observationist, Magician, & Developer

Tech Buffet! Pick a Tech or Two…or Three


Lab Session: Modern Z Systems Programming

See the first joint effort Open Mainframe platform in action. Experience the tooling that provides leading edge development capabilities for the Z Systems open source community. Learn how all mainframers can exploit this technology to easily interact with the mainframe. This lab will allow users to get “hands on” experience with the Zowe UI and CLI. Users will go through a set of tasks, exploiting the abilities Zowe has to offer.

Lab Session: Drones, IoT, & Visual Recognition

This hands on lab uses drone aerial images, Watson Studio, and Watson Visual Recognition to survey flood damaged neighborhoods, identify homes with survivors on rooftops and detect rescue boats.

Data Science & AI Tech Talks

Join us for a series of 15-20 minute-long cutting edge tech talks hosted by Susie Schiffler (Worldwide CMO Market Development Analyst) – from data scientists & AI experts, including:
– Vasanthi Gopal, Cognitive Solutions Architect – AI in Contracts
– Javid Huseynov, Ph.D., Principal Data Scientist – Enterprise AI & Knowledge Discovery on Unstructured Data
– Svetlana Levitan, Ph.D., Analytics Software Engineer – Open standards for machine learning deployment PMML “Predictive Model Markup Language” and ONNX “Open Neural Network Exchange”
– Pietro Mazzoleni, Ph.D., Head of People Data and AI Platform Strategy & Execution, HR – Analytics in HR
– Carmen Stefanita, Ph.D., IBM Data Science & AI Elite Team – Understanding Churn in Data Science – a review of churn in the telecommunications industry

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