On May 30-31 2019 about 60 IBMers spent 2 days and a night together after forming teams to tackle Call for Code problems. An innovation in this hackathon was encouraging the submission of patents – and patents were part of the judging rubric. The practice of agile methods was also rewarded in this hackathon (wall of work, stories, personas etc) Food and refreshments were plentiful, although there was an issue ordering tacos at 1am – so the hackers located a skillet and brought in the raw materials to make pancakes. Pancakes and patents were produced and consumed through the night. Overall:

  • 31 patent applications were produced
  • 100 pancakes were produced and consumed

The judges were Christopher DeRobertis, Mark Nelson, and Jim O’Connor – and there was a flurry when they arrived. Judging started at 11am when hackers had to stop coding – 11 teams presented.
1. Hotfix
2. Beacon of light
3. Hackpok
4. Detecting natural or man-made disaster in a computer center
5. Water assessment
6. Crisis locator
7. Bugout
8. Managing and sharing resources – team Athena
9. Zeus
10. Drone for garbage
11. Emergency medical device locator – team Squirle

There were many strong teams, and the judges deliberated for some time. The winners were Emergency medical device locator (team squirtle), closely followed by team Athena, and water assessment.

Team squirtle with the judges: Emergency Medical Device Locator
It was Fun!

Video HackPok 2018

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